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Wulver's Den


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[align=center]Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the markets and training grounds of Gridania and nestled amongst the towering trees of the Black Shroud lies a place where you’re invited to kick up your heels, get away from the trials of the day and have a cold drink. Established by the man called 'The Wolf' of the Wolves Den Coliseum, Wulver's Den stands as a testament to fighters, trackers, and adventurers everywhere - and of course those looking for a good time.



Strolling along the highways and bi-ways of the Shroud you notice numerous leaflets pinned to trees by small knives. The leaflets tell of a place in the nearby Lavender Beds settlement. A warm welcome, drinks, food, a soft bed, access to the Adventurer's Guild network, and a good time are the promises made to you by the slip of parchment. At the bottom a sigil is drawn, that of a wolf howling at the moon...[/align]




[align=center]...Having decided to investigate, you are given a short ferry ride over to the small neighbourhood and upon requesting guidance to this "Wulver's Den" you are directed up a path towards a stone building with a large and welcoming blue door.

The sound of laughter and merriment, mixed with the clinking of flagons can be heard streaming from the windows. You approach, a smile finding its way onto your face as you push open the door.[/align]




The Diamond in the Rough [/align]

[align=center]by Lizzo[/align]


            The red-haired highlander lass placed three large tankards of spiced Lominsan ale onto the table for the men sitting around it, gave them each a smile and walked away.

            That girl is quite a treat for the eyes; especially them hips ‘o hers.

            An elderly wildwood elezen grimaced briefly at the speaker, perturbed as the other man’s gaze lingered on the woman. An odd hissing laugh escaped the elezen’s hooded companion at the remark.

            “To business then?” ventured the elezen.

            After a long swig of his drink the man on the opposite side of the table answered, “To business. My employer wishes to know the history of this swill-hole, and word is you know it?”

            “I do,” answered the elezen.“Wulver’s Den – The Den, for short – was established by one Wulver Connor -"

           "Wulver 'The Wolf'  Connor?" spluttered the other man as he took another gulp of ale, "of the Coliseum?"

           "The very same. Wulver was a highlander originally from the hills on the fringes of Eorzea. After leaving the coliseum the man began construction of his own Den nigh on twenty-six years ago…”


Ul’dah, 25 years prior:

            The large man wiped the sweat from his brow and turned to his two fellow labourers.

            “That’ll be it lads, many thanks. Ah’ll make up a sign ‘n’ teh place’ll be up ‘n’ runnin’ within teh fortnight. O’ course ye both will be gettin’ yer drinks fer free.”

            The lalafell and midlander smiled at the much taller and broader highlander as they each shook his hand before collecting their things and departing.

            Wulver Connor had personally selected the timber for his tavern from the Botanists Guild of Gridania only a month before. He gazed at his handiwork. A large building, he had purposely created several extra rooms, apart from his own and those used for storage, for guest quarters; he dreamed of opening an inn as wells as a tavern.

             A smile crept onto his face as he imagined a full house, servers in skirts waiting tables, his friends sitting at the bar and chatting with him as he kept his eye on any other local residents that may cause  trouble. 

            ‘Well tis Ul’dah after all,’ he thought to himself, before slipping back into his daydream. 

            Large tankers and flagons filled to the brim with beer, wine, spiced Lominsan ale, and his personal favourite, honeyed mead, would be drained in his presence; and he could even charge for it! 

            Finally snapping out of his trance the man gathered up his equipment while his brain muddled with a new thought. But the thought wasn't new, not at all. This place – his place – needed a name. He had been wracking his mind for some time now but could never come up with anything that he deemed appropriate. Promising himself he’d think more on it after a good night’s sleep he pushed the door open.

            “Int’ mah den Ah go,” he mumbled to himself. He stopped just over the threshold.           

            “Mah den? ‘Mah Den?’ ‘Teh Den.’ ‘Wulver’s Den!”

            A group of miqo’te who were scuttling down the street shrieked in alarm at the loud bellowed laugh of the man.

            “Teh Den! Wulver’s Den!” he shouted, then quieted himself when he noticed the women, “Apologies ladies, Ah’ve just been struck by a wonderful idea! Fair evenin’ t’ ye!”


Ul’dah,  16 years prior:

            The large man placed one hand onto the shoulder of the skinny girl beside him while he used the other to show off what had been known for years as 'Wulver’s Den.'

            Thin and wiry, the girl had the same flaming red hair as the man, the same emerald eyes. Those eyes now looked at the building the man pointed at. It was big, though not bigger than many houses in Gridania. She had to give him credit though, it was rather fine looking compared to many of the buildings in Ul’dah.

            The girl was eight years old now, though he had only known of her existence for the last two months. His daughter, by way of a woman he’d met in Gridania, had lived in the Twelveswood until he had returned on a inventory trip. Finding her neglected by her mother and with a will  to explore, Wulver had taken the girl with him. In the little time they had been with each other, the two had become more than parent and progeny, but friends, in the true spirit of the highlander.

[align=left]            Stepping inside, the two highlanders truly began their new lives together.




Ul’dah, 9 years prior:

            “Now Wolf, thought ye said ye’d be nicer t’ teh customers?”

            “Park, ye know 'e deserved it.”

[align=left]            The roegadyn, bigger than even Wulver, with a temper to match the red of his own skin, heaved himself off the floor and easily shrugged off the three other men who now attempted to restrain him.

            “'E’s mine,” grinned the fifteen year old highlander. [/align]

            A short dash, a blocked jab and a flash of steel and the huge man stood in shocked awe as his trousers fell to his ankles. The Den erupted into cheers. After a moment to realize what had happened, even the girl’s enemy clapped his hands and let out a laugh of amusement.

            “You’ve got yourself one strong little lass there Wolf!” the red giant shouted over the raucous din.

            “Aye, tha’ Ah do. Three cheers fer Parker Connor!”

[align=left]            The girl leapt onto the bar and bowed to the crowd, her long red hair hiding her face until she righted herself. Her emerald eyes sparkled at the adulation. This is what she wanted - a full room of friends and acquaintances, each with a drink in their hand giving praise to their host and his daughter.



Ul’dah, 5 Moons prior:

            Parker stood outside the Den. The walls of the building were sagging in, the door was missing and the sign that read “Wulver’s Den” lay discarded and unnoticed on the ground.

            The sound of the big man’s laugh, his kind, loving words and the knowledge that the man who had shaped her life was gone forever felled the highlander to her knees in the street. She had been visiting her friends and what little family remained in Gridania five years ago when the notice came. Wulver Connor, it had said, had died at the Battle of Carteneau, defending his home and country from invaders. No one had been able to console her for weeks.

            “Destruction comes to all, pup, but only when Time wills it.” A phrase Wulver had used many times, and the last words he had ever spoken to her. It was true, time had finally found him and brought his destruction in its wake.

            “Time has also found yer den, Father, but Ah will not allow it t’ bring its fury, not yet. Not whilst Ah’m ‘ere t’ defend yer dream.”


            The elezen finished his tale and cleared his throat. “Finding no further welcome in Ul'dah after so long, the girl rebuilt her father’s place here in Gridania and filled it with the kind of staff and customers she remembered from her youth. If you just look around: happy faces everywhere, even on the proprietress herself.”

            The man on the other side of the table finished his drink and turned to look at the rest of the busy tavern, questioning who the old man meant. An arm raised from within the depths of a cloak and pointed to the red-haired lass serving drinks to a couple of lalafell who were clearly siblings. The woman did indeed have a large smile on her face as she chuckled at what the two tiny people at the table were arguing about.

            “Ah, I see. So, she is Wulver’s daughter. My thanks gentlemen, I’m sure my employer would be most appreciative of your candor.” With that the man got up and dropped a few gil onto the table, “I must be off, my employer is not one who wishes to wait for news."

            As the man made his way to the door the elezen followed him with his eyes. After a moment he motioned to his companion to leave the table as he placed several pieces of gil on the table, though his drink had gone completely untouched.

            “Fair evening Parker,” he called to the red-haired woman as her emerald eyes found him, “We have some more business to take care of, and of course, Mr. Zaluchi sends his regards.” He bowed low and made for the door.

[align=left]            “Heh heh, thankss for the drinksss Parker,” wheezed the elezen’s cloaked companion. “Don’na worry abou’ him, J’avik’ll take good care a’ him. Heh heh heh.”

            Parker waved at the two individuals as they exited her tavern knowing full well that the man they had met with was an agent for a member of the Ul'dahn Syndicate, and that the beverage she had given him would be his last.[/align]

            Her smile faltered for but a second as she turned back to her guests. “Garm! Pour meh a mead, ‘n’ one fer teh house, Ah feel like celebratin’!”





The Den is a place to come, relax and RP in the Gridanian housing district Lavender Beds. Events by other RPers as well as Linkshells and other Free Companies, are more than welcome to be hosted here as it was created for the purpose of being used as an RP hot spot outside of the Goblet (Ul'dah).


The Den offers a tavern-style upstairs and an inn downstairs with 'rooms' featuring themes for each of the three city-states.


There is possibility of "Adventurer's Guild" link through an 'info-broker'. This would entail PvE stuff, such as dungeon runs, Coil and Crystal Tower and general questing aid. RP PvE is also welcomed and encouraged!


[align=left]Tavern RP: I am currently looking for interested participants to work at the Den as waiters/waitresses, bar tenders, bouncers, and innkeepers. The Den is open for any Gilgamesh RPer to come in and take a load off from questing and do some tavern RP without having to sit in the city-state taverns.


PvE: Perhaps you don't want to RP just now? That's fine! The Den is a place for you to meet up with your friends and go out questing. In RP down times the staff is encouraged to get together to explore and quest throughout Eorzea. Fought long and hard through a dungeon? Come back to the Den and regale the clientele with tales of your glorious exploits and show off your hard-won treasures. 

As a tank, the owner, Parker, will also be wanting to get out and about.



[align=center]Notes: [/align]


[align=center]Wulver's Den is located in Lavender Beds - in the Central Shroud just outside Gridania and south of Bentbranch. (Ward 4, Plot 4)


I am looking for a few people who would care to be Managers (officers) of the Den to hold down the fort if real life creeps up on me, or if I'm out questing. [/align]


All positions (waiters/waitresses, bar tenders, innkeeps, bouncers) are open to any RPer who wants them. Anyone interested please message me on here, drop me a /tell ingame or send me an ingame mail and I'll be more than happy to set something up.

*Interviews will be IC and OOC*


Speak to myself Parker Connor, Leo Izanagi or X'nuru Karass (of House Aryll) for more info.


           **If you can not find any of these 3, I may be found on one of my (many) alts - Sigyn Bloebloud, Zali'ah Qin or Miyuki Yamauchi.


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This sounds well put together and I would want to be a part of it... If I could've made a character on Gilgamesh. :( But anyway, best of luck to you guys. Perhaps I'll be able to check it out sometime in the future!

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Thank you for your interest, and I definitely understand your frustration with not being able to get onto Gilgamesh. All I can say is keep trying, best of luck and hope that SE's fix (hopefully coming early next week, if not sooner) will allow you guys to get on.


To answer your question Kouen, since it is worth answering here to give the info to others, if you work as a Bartender/Wait staff at the Den, it is for RP purposes only. If you're tired of questing and want to RP, head over to the guild house (when it's up and running) and "start working." This also applies when there is an RP event. It is not required of you to be there, but a lot of people like tavern RP and that is what the Den is for.


In terms of a guild setup:

Guild Leader/Proprietess: Parker Connor (Me)




Managers will serve as officers in any other MMO, helping me set up events that we could potentially want to do, along with "holding down the fort" if I am not able to attend something (like an event) because of real life issues. (Again, this is not mandatory, if you would rather play the game as a game or your RL stuff, that of course is priority.)


*Also* the Den is not just for RP purposes. As Gilgamesh is an unofficial RP server we of course cater to RPers, but in the end we are still playing an MMO and so the Den is also an "Adventurer's Guild." This means we will also focus on leveling, questing, dungeon crawling, and if enough interest is shown, eventually raiding/end game content.


Hope that clears stuff up! If anyone has any further questions PM me on the RPC, leave a post in this thread or /tell me ingame (Parker Connor) and I will get back to you ASAP.


Welcome to the Den...

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Now that the servers are "fixed," I hope most, if not all, of you have been able to get onto Gilgamesh.


That being said, thank you again for your interest in Wulver's Den. There are only about 5 of us in the Free Company for the time being, (and most of us haven't been on in a few days due to the server struggles or just everyday life).


Wulver's Den is however up and running for the most part. Housing has yet to be implemented, but I have been putting gil away for a later date.


If you are still interested in joining the Den, again please send me a tell ingame to PARKER CONNOR or get in touch with AMAARE MARGOLIS and he'll send you my way. If you are a member of the ICC Linkshell Limitless Sky or a member of any of the OOC LSs, I am in all of them so please give me a shout in there as well!


I don't check this forum as much as I should, especially now that the game is live and I'm also now back in school, but if you still cannot contact me ingame then please post here again.

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FC housing has been released!

The Den is going, albeit with very very few members, but it is still going.


To coincide with Driftwood Coast, I have been looking around the Goblet in Ul'dah and am liking plots 14/15 for the Den. Though small (and still out of my price range - thanks SE), I think it would be a nice little place that could aptly be called a 'Den'. Not too far from DC's hopeful place, it would be a short walk for rpers of that company to come and hang out and do some tavern rp.


I am still looking for interested rpers to come and join in the fun (of raising funds :S) as well as making plans for future rp events that could be hosted. Manager (Officer) and Staff (Member) spots open to any as well. 


*Remember* the Den is for all Rpers - to host our own events, to host your events and for you to come in and RP anytime!


PM me ingame on Parker Connor, Sigyn Bloebloud or Zali'ah Qin (I hop around a lot trying to make money).

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Hi there! A young and budding adventurer here looking to set roots somewhere. I am new to MMORP but I hope that you will have me ^_^  I have a 50 in another server but I wanted to get into RP on here, so I made a character here on Gilgamesh. I plan to look you up but also feel free to contact me. (Aurora Yarohtar) I hope to see you soon ^_^

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