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Terribly sorry! Could you guide me to the nearest...

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Ah! Thank you for reading this conglomeration of data!


I would pray you would so kindly take a moment to glance over these following lines. Maybe give a nod of understanding and even a kind word or invitation if you would be so generous!


An now for the details defining me!



--MMORPG background


A few, big names! yes indeed!


Wow, FFXI, DaoC, Imagine and a few other lesser known, to be forgotten.


Not at all relevant!


--RP experience


None I say! NONE!


I am as new to this as new new new!!!


I typed words before of course, but nothing in the range of playing as my self... no no no!


--Character ideas/info


WELL! .. now here we are, to the MEAT!




My mother, thrice widowed, went to the northern land and...


*2 hours later*


...and that's how I became a failed experiment in the burgeoning Garlemald empire, abandoned on a derelict Airship manned by an insane Legatus named Arch Sin Cerulan.


My name, as you now know, is simply a concatenation of  the "Xeno-Geist :: thread seer Cyphen" designation.



--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?


Light!, light as a feather dipped in molases...


I mean sticky... well... Light, but sticky.


--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing?


well I did write some short stories and made scenarios for games, but this is my first  test into the massive interconnected web make-beleive.


So being only mildly insane I though to my self: "Yes, these are my people!"


Hark!! On and away, I venture forth into Eozora, furiously typing words!



Now, any help towards finding friendly folks to accompany my daily adventures would be greatly appreciated! I am low maintenance.

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