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Greetings everyone ! I'm not really used to introductions so I'll just follow the template if you don't mind ^^".


--MMORPG background :

Well, that goes back a long way but the first MMORPG I tried was some kind of old school RPG maker like thingy that goes by the name of Slayers (I think that it actually is still running), I think it was around nine to ten years ago. Afterwards I went to the first highly populated french private Ragnarok Online servers and kept playing it from time to time. During this "RO period" I also played Guild Wars and had a go at MU Online. I then settled in World of Warcraft at the end of Vanilla, just before Burning Crusade's release and kept at it until Mist of Pandaria. But I tried some other MMOs on the way, I spent two years on RIFT and tried Aion along with Guild Wars 2 (on which I'm still RPing from time to time.), Neverwinter, Perfect World, etc.



--RP experience :

My first RP experience in MMOs was in RO, on Pservs which eventually closed, afterwards I have been at it a lot on WoW, RIFT, Aion and GW2 and now FF XIV.


--Character ideas/info :

My main character is named Hoerfing Bloodiron, a middle aged Highlander Warrior who recently climbed his mountain down in order to see what the world is like and more importantly, asserting his strength and weaknesses. He is a rather typical Highlander and despite his looks is actually quite friendly although reserved.

(I'm still taking bits of lore in so it's pretty much everything at the moment ^^", if you see any incoherence or have any advices I'd gladly hear... or well, read them ^^.)


--How did you learn about the coalition? :

To be perfectly honest it was pure chance. I happened to google "RP community FF XIV" and found a really handy RP/Lore guide posted on this forum.


--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy? :

Since I'll have close to no time for playing during the week starting September and considering that knowing myself I'll rush to lvl 50 to get the gears I like and so... I'd say that I'll be a medium RPer at first and then a Heavy one if manage to get some time ^^.


--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

Well, I'm a 21 years old psychology student who loves both Psychology (no shit sherlock) and Role-Playing along with med-fan universes. Since I'm a heavy reader, both these passions fills my personal library.

But I don't spend all my time studying, reading and playing, I'm also practicing shooting and fitness. I think that the saying goes like "Sound body, sound mind" or something like that.


Oh, and lastly, you may have noticed already but saying it out loud won't hurt : I'm french, so feel free to tell me if anything's wrong with my typo or grammar ^^", I'm not quite confident in it.


See you in game !

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So many new members! Can't believe this got to page 2 already without at least one greet D:


I particularly like your character's name, sounds very... well, let's just say I can imagine him only wearing armour. He should look pretty damn intimidating in Warrior gear, which will be a nice contrast to his friendly demeanour.


Also if you're unsure about RP, just pop a question into the RP section and hopefully you'll find your answer.


As someone who lives in the Euro timezone, you should check out the Europa linkshell (chat channel), which is basically for finding RP in the Euro time zone. Also if you want to do end game content, raids and such, check out Eorzean Union, a Free Company (guild) dedicated to previously mentioned content, for people in Euro time zones too. EU has both an IC and OOC chat channel :)


See you in Eorzea :chocobo:

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