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Hello thar! I happened upon this site last night, and I was quite thankful for being able to find that there was an unofficial FFXIV RP server, so I joined Balmung pretty much as soon as the early access period started this morning. My character's name is N'hald Tia, I'm male Miqo'te pugilist and have already made it to level 4 and hope to advance further once the maintenance is over.


I'm currently a member of the OOC LS Intermission2, and I'll probably hold off on doing any IC stuff for awhile. Not only do I need to flesh out my character more, but I need to learn more about the game's lore before I make up a backstory for him. I tried making up a backstory for my character in FFXI before I knew much about the game's lore, ended up just making myself look stupid. Oh yeah, I am an FFXI veteran as well, had a level 75 Tarutaru black mage. Pretty much spent my entire time playing the game on magic classes, so this time around I'm giving melee a shot. Anyway, I look forward to getting to know you all and I hope we have lots of fun adventures together. :thumbsup:

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