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Hello nice to meet all of you


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MMORPG background

lets see I played a lot, but I will list some. SWG, WOW, SWTOR, GW2 Terra


RP experience

My experience started in DnD back in 04. though I more of a simple rper not much of a fan of big words lol. I love story driven rps, romance, action everything you would pretty much get in a starwars film lol.


Character ideas/info

For my first Character in the FFXIV universe.  his name is called Ryu Toshihiro one my favorite characters I made. tried to make him the best of my capabilities in character creation. I made him in the Balmong server, he's basically a warrior with a dark past. I don't really wish to give anything away. but im not really familiar with the final fantasy lore. I played a lot of final fantasy's.


How did you learn about the coalition?

had no idea you guys existed until I was looking for a rp group for FFXIV. its nice to meet people with the same hobby.


What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?


Well I'm between medium/heavy I love to describe what I'm doing and also in detail.

Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing?


well when I was growing up I really got into starwars back when I was 5, when I got older I got into the rp of it, and loved it which opened doors to like Dnd. became a huge fan of rp online and in rl. it fascinates me. its like a never ending book. and tbh this is my first rp into the FFXIV universe I just hope I can learn fast from the lore and try to be a good/friendly rper.

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Hey and welcome, glad to see you found us :D


Don't worry about not knowing the lore so well, every FF is set in a completely different world with couple of referring themes (such as chocobos) so you only really need to look up XIV lore.

Also if you're unsure about anything, just pop a question into the RP section; there's quite a few members here who are lore fanatics and should be able to help you. If not there'll probably be a good debate regardless.

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