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Annwyl Brightshield

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Birth Name: Annwyl Brightshield

Nicknames (if any): Ann

Race: Miqo'te Seeker of the Sun

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Place of Birth: A no-name fishing village that was destroyed in the Calamity

Current Residence: No perminante residence. Currently renting a room in Ul'dar

Occupation (class): Training as a Gladiator to improve her skill with the sword and shield.





Mother, W'Skarzai Rahan, Miqo'te Seeker of the Sun (Died in the Calamity)

Father, Aragorn Brightshield, Hyur Midlander (Died in the last battle of the Calamity)

Friends/Allies: Everyone she knew died 5 years ago.


Enemies / Rivals: None that she knows of.




Skin: Light skinned

Hair: Dark Blue

Eyes: Yellow

Body: Slim

Height: Slightly taller then an average Miqo'te Female

Weight: Average for a Miqo'te Female


Distinguishing Features:


Accent/ Speaking Style: A mix of Miqo'te and Hyur speech style.


Fashion of Choice: Mostly practical and comfortable. She has been known to dress up when the mood strikes her.




Motivations: To become an accomplished adventurer like her father, as well as learn more about what really happened during the Calamity.


Disposition/Temperament: Kind, but some what hesitant to let people can close. Annwyl also doesn't really think to ask others for help.


Hopes: To be a hero like her father.


Fears: Losing someone she cares about again.


Religion/Philosophy: To do what feels right.


Sexuality: Annwyl doesn't know, she has had no time to think about it in the past five years and she hasn't let anyone, Male or Female, get close enough to her to explore.


Positive Personality Traits: She stands up for what she thinks is right and is willing to give a hand when it is needed. She is also willing to give almost anything a try.


Negative Personality Traits: She doesn't really consider anyone as a friend and so doesn't treat others like they are, even if they consider her a friend.




Likes: She has a great fondness of fruit as well as fruit drinks and has recently discovered her love of sitting down with a good book.


Dislikes: She can't sleep in the same room as other people, and must sleep away from other if she is out in the wilderness.

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