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Remis Locke

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Birth Name: Remis Locke

Age: Twenty Eight

Race: Hyur, Midlander

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Unknown

Occupation: Seeker and Con-Artist

Residence: Ul'dar


Wiki Page: Complete Wikipedia Page of Remis Locke: Click Here


Stories: The Misadventures of Remis Locke: Click Here


Outward Appearance


Locke as a person would seem quite out of place within a normal setting. The main reason for this would be because of the nobleman's clothing he wears casually, coloured a flamboyant blue.  His features however go against his wealthy image for he comes across as looking quite rugged, regardless of his well kept blonde hair and youthful looks. A small scar which is plainly visible despite his best efforts to hide it sits upon his right cheek. His nose is also broken in several places though his deep blue eyes are said to be the most dominant feature in his overall appearance.


Upon closer observation the man seems friendly, if not a little careless. When spoken to he comes across as being quite narcissistic which shows in his mannerisms. Being a frightful womaniser, he is often seen talking to women in his casual charming tone, smiling and maintaining his relaxed, confident posture.


Locke carries only one weapon, a battered looking sword. When attempting to impress he often tries to catch the person's eye with the relic in a hope to provoke curiosity. The sword in question looks quite simple, apart from the strange marking on its hilt which resembles a star.





(Image drawn by Jenni Saarinen in 2012, http://echostain.deviantart.com Copywright Protected)





“When I look back on my childhood I remember many things, all of them unpleasant. That was at least until I was found by Trate. I was the son of a woman who clearly didn’t want me, an illegitimate child born within a poverty stricken village in the back of beyond; which I’m sure wouldn’t be a first. From what I know, which is very little, my mother fell in love with a man who could be described as a rogue. Needless to say, once he got what he wanted from her, he fled into night and was never to be seen again. I suppose I should be at least grateful for him bringing me into the world which is exactly what happened; to my mother’s surprise. Once I was born she treated me as though I didn’t even exist or so I’m told. When I cried, she hummed a merry tune or perhaps shoved me in a cupboard, probably the latter. Eventually motherhood took its toll on the poor woman and she, too, ran away leaving me within the grotty house which happened to be overdue in upkeep.”


“I was found eventually by the woman who lived next door. She didn’t know what to do with me either, she never really liked me after the time I relieved myself through her kitchen window one summer. From there I took to the streets at the tender age of seven winters which is where fortunately, a few years later, my foster father-to-be, stepped in. Trate was, and still is wherever he may be, a very unique individual, perhaps one of a kind. He took me away from the familiar and in many respects made me what I am today. I was ten at the time when he introduced me into his small family. All of which consisted of other boys with similar or worse backgrounds to my own. Curious, isn’t it? That this lardy stranger would take it upon himself to care for a band of unwanted children. You’d think it was kind if he didn’t beat the living daylights out of us when we ticked him off. I suppose it was some form of tough love, it surely disciplined us as we grew. He taught me everything, the tricks of the trade as it were in our profession, which we all eventually had in common.


"He taught me that coin is what makes a man, without it you are nothing, but with it you are something. A lesson which has always stayed with me to this very day: fortune is the key. Living in such a rough neighbourhood and making a profit was extremely difficult. Not to mention that everyone around you were trying to do the exact same thing. Thieves stealing from thieves; it was almost comical. That’s when we developed a new plan, a new way of achieving fortune in a more honest yet dangerous way."


“Eventually I left my small band of brothers which caused quite an upset I can assure you. We were successful in the end, making quite a fair bit of money from our endeavours which nearly claimed our lives on many occasions. Though there comes a time where a man needs to stand on his own two feet, pursue his dream alone without support. I was twenty-one when I left, travelling blindly across unknown lands wearing clothing which I had bought with almost every piece of coin I owned. From the richer town to the North, by appearance I looked like a wealthy Lord which frequently worked in my favour. I travelled from town to town not knowing at all where I was going, lying and cheating my way through life and gaining coin in the process. I successfully put on the act of being a wealthy man which granted me access to many favours. Be it women, fine food, exquisite shelter or clothing. That was until I was found out to be a con-artist and chased out of the town. My lust for women seemed to be a recurring theme in life. I’m gifted in woo'ing the female kind with simple words and music, tales and charm. I’m sure you’d call me greedy, but I don’t care. The way I see it a man has to live in the moment otherwise he could die having accomplished nothing. I continued to travel far across the lands seeking treasures on my path whilst repeating my usual pattern, accompanied by both risk and danger, two things which I thrive on. Until I arrived - at last - to a land which had true potential, which is where my story began for better or for worse..."


Relatives: (Foster Family)

Trate Hawthorn, Rook Hakeswell, Filburn Evershed and James Webley-Evans


Formally Married to Ofelie Whitesage


Loves: Cheer, coin, women, risk-taking, danger, success, competitiveness, fine clothes, top hats, drinking and exploring.


Hates: Fighting, failure, authorities, interruptions and goats.


Motivation: To seize every day as it comes, one step closer to fortune.


Quotes: "Some make do with what little they have, I want something more."

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I. Basic Info



Primary character: Remis Locke


Linkshells: None, currently searching


Primary RP linkshell: -


II. RP Style

Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy)

Though I would consider myself to be a heavy roleplayer, I am open to any form. Friendly drinks in the tavern, open travel roleplays, I do tend to favour ongoing story arcs between different players.


Views on RP combat and injuries:


Through my previous experiences on other MMORPG's I have witnessed many different outcomes from combat RP. Unfortunatly with some players arguments tend to spawn from it, though having successfully roleplayed out various combat senarios myself, that by no means sways me from it. So long as set rules and limitations are established before hand between the players involved.


Views on IC romance:


I have roleplayed romantic situations many times in the past and haven't experienced any problems thus far. I usually tend to pursue that sort of story arc with a player that I know quite well or can trust with it.

Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):


I love the idea, the majority of my character's family have been story-based creations of my own, therefore I would be more than happy to try something new.

Views on lore:


I try to stay as true to the lore of any world as much as possible. I am still learning the lore of Eorzea, though I believe I have a firm grasp of it.

Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):


I'm not entirely against it, though I would much rather roleplay with the person face-to-face. Much more room for potential!


 III. Other Info


Country: United Kingdom.


Timezone: +1 GMT.


Contact info: Do feel free to send me a PM, Skype me (Remis_Locke) or add me on steam (Charlie_Calmius)

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