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Greetings, everyone!

Guest Ciceroix

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Guest Ciceroix

Hello everyone, one more newbie roleplayer joining the site.


What to say about me? I've been reading this site for some time now and I finally got myself to register while enjoying inaccessibility to the server (Gilgamesh). I'm not really much of a gamer but rather a lover of good stories and fantasy, and I'd say 85% of my gaming history is comprised of Final Fantasy titles. I played FFXI too for some time and I really enjoyed the experience, now this time I want to add some spice to the mix by roleplaying.


Roleplaying. Yes, I've never really done that before which is odd enough considering that when I was a teenager half of my friends were roleplayers. I found it interesting but never joined in - not taking into account just one larp session that never quite convinced me. Now I've been pondering about whether I have time for this game or not for a long time and the prospect of RP made me really want to try as I decided it'd be exponentially more interesting this way.


So, my character with his background is quite ready to go and I'm hoping to meet other roleplayers once I get used to the game mechanics. I can't yet say what kind of a RPer I will be (on light-heavy axis) but I'm sure this will clear up eventually.

I'd ask a great number of questions about roleplaying but thanks to the marvellous articles and very informative posts already found on the site I'm confident enough to enter Eorzea on my own, ready to learn through interaction and experience. I won't, however, promise not to bug you veterans on the forums from time to time anyway and I'd be more than happy to find some help in entering the in-game rp community (character's name is Ciceroix Cantoire, feel free to say hello if you see him) :)


And yeah, as I didn't really say anything about me in the end, I'm 26 years old male from Finland. I am married and I have a two-year-old daughter with another baby on the way, so let's see if I'll have enough time for games in the end.. :)

I enjoy music (listening, playing, creating) and literature, among other things. I think all the good stories I've had the luck to read or otherwise enjoy have left a permanent mark on me and I'm hoping this to become one story more to have fond memories of.


Thanks for your time, see you around!

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