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Hello Balmung!


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So, as the title says, I you will be expecting to see me wondering around as a spell casting Miqo'te in Balmung. Pretty keen to start getting to know everyone here, never played on a RP dedicated server and the idea sounds very fun! I'm in the UK so time-zones might be a little off but I don't have a busy life, so weekends is when I'll likely be around.


I've played many other MMO's to the point of getting bored of them (some of them quicker than others) and it's mostly why I want to join an RP one for this one - so it enhances the experience. Love partying up, being social, doing late game stuff as well as helping anyone I can out in any way possible (:


Pretty good Medium-focus roleplayer, or I've been told in regards to my abilities in other formats, but inside a game should also be pretty fun as it's new to me. Will post up a profile in the directory and I very much look forwards to meeting you all!

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