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Good afternoon everyone!


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Ready for another fledgling rper to look out for? Yes? No? Oh well, you're going to get another.



I've dabbled in and out of different types of RP, did a d10 table top when dating the poor sucker who is now my husband. I hosted a Pathfinder group for about two years in my home, but while it is a tabletop rpg, we were more so railroaded through the campaign and never did any actual rping of our characters. 



Then along came Star Wars: The Old Republic. I was already an mmo junky but ToR was the first time I rolled on an RP server. The original idea was to get into the rp community but our first server was pretty small and it wasn't until server mergers happened that I actually started rping. So MMO based rp I've been doing on and off for the past year, though sadly it has mostly been off. Most recently I have been doing a lot of forum based rp and that has been quite fun. While I still consider myself pretty new my partners do seem to enjoy interacting with me. (but then again, they all might be pathological liars or not wanting to hurt my feelings *grin*)



While new to rp I am even newer to Final Fantasy. I was one of those kids growing up who had a mom that was strict when it came to the video games. It was about six or seven years ago that I was able to touch my first FF game. (FFIX to be exact) And while I have dabbled in the games from 7 and beyond, I have yet to actually finish any of them. *puts on her shame hat.* 



So while I am waiting for the servers to come online and Gilgamesh to open I am trying to read up on the lore. For my main I desire a Miqo'te and spent quite a bit of time playing around with my name to have it fit into their lore. I have always enjoyed playing casters so my bubbly little Miqo'te will be working hard to become a prestigious White Mage. While I am unsure how much I'll enjoy the pve/pvp aspects of the game, I do know I want to dive into the rp aspect of the game. My husband being who he is will probably have us rushing to end game levels but once there I'll be dedicating more time to rp.



While this will be my first mmo that I go into specifically with the desire of rp this is by no means my first mmo. I started with WoW about seven years ago and up until several months after the release of Cataclysm I was a "hardcore" raider. My main was a shadow priest and at one point was one of the top 10 shadow priests on my server. (Shadowmoon) I have been in raid lead positions and even a co-gm of a guild that even now is still one of the top guilds on the server though I no longer play. At the end of Cata I had eight 85s, only missing the rogue and warrior class. 



I have dabbled in Aion, Rift, Neverwinter and a few other f2ps that I never seemed to take a liking to. I was with Aion at release, when it was grindy and a bit of a pain, only getting my main to level 42 before I threw my hands up and begged for mercy. I ended Rift after the first few months of release with three end level characters. 



Right now I am "active" in ToR. I have been dissatisfied with that lately though and only log on to heal in pvp or rp with friends. Finding worthwhile rp for my main has been a huge pain. I am a decent pvp healer and a bit of a known name on the server and will from time to time stream my matches. 



Is it sad that being able to actually sit in the chairs at the inn or along the benches in the city has me super excited? From what little I have played I can already see how much better my rp experience is going to be.



At this point you are either wanting to cuddle me or strangle me for rambling on and on. Bare with me, all my forum rps are caught up on, I don't want to play ToR and I am chomping at the bit to play FF. 



I am married and a mother of two, four if you count the four pawed cuties. I've been a gamer since I was little, though sometimes I wonder with a mother as strict as mine how the heck did I get away with playing LoZ. *grins* Like most others I do enjoy reading and good music, so nothing interesting or new there. Hm, a unique little fact though is that with the ability to create my character with a set of two different colored eyes made me squee. I myself have heterocromia so being able reflect that in my characters makes me very happy.



Outside of gaming I love to bake, craft, and work with makeup. I've been to two cons and I cosplayed for the first time last year. I made a Rinoa cosplay for myself and a Fruits Basket character for my sister, so that was certainly a big test of my beginner sewing skills. While they weren't amazing they were acceptable for a first timer. I also make jewelry and am experimenting with resin to make gemstones and such for future cosplay ideas.



Well, it looks like the servers are now starting to pop up. Time to lurk and try to snag an opening on Gilgamesh. I can't wait to get to know y'all!

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