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New to the server and the game!

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Hello all! 


Let me just first start by saying I am very glad I found this site, part of the reason I bought this game was to role play! I've been told by some avid roleplayers in the game that there isn't much going on in the way of roleplays right now since the game just launched and everyone is playing with the new features.


So I figured I would come here and introduce myself! 


I would simply adore to start my rping adventures in Final Fantasy! If anyone would ever be up for a scene or wouldn't mind helping me out by showing me some good spots to find a roleplay I would much appreciate it! 


-Thanks so much all!



---Also should add! I play on Balmung!

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Hello Hannah Belle!


What a nice name...is that your character's name as well :) ? It is true that, at least in the case of our Free Company, we've had to postpone our planned role play events, simply because of the log in issues. I think that many organizations are probably extending the courtesy of waiting until the issues are resolved so that people aren't left out.


Do you have a character concept in mind? Have you role played in an MMO before? Sorry for the questions...but I'm not a Miqo'te, so curiosity won't kill me ;)


Welcome to the community...hope to meet you in game :thumbsup:

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Hello there Teardrop!


Yes indeed! My characters name is Hannah Belle! And that makes sense why Free companies are holding off on their activities! Thanks for letting me know! 


Truthfully I have only played one other MMO, but I played it religiously. I played Tera for quite some time and spent more time Roleplaying then actually leveling! 


Truthfully I don't have a complete character in mind, just a few rough ideas I hope to explore more when I role play with some other people. I am working on putting together a back story as we speak though! 


Thanks a bunch for getting back to me! It's much appreciated! I hope to run into you as well! :)

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