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Hi all!


My name is Pip and I will be joining you shortly, probably on the Balmung server. I'm currently in the process of moving house so I can't order the game at the moment, hopefully the digital download will be back soon though as I can't find a copy in local stores!


I live in the UK and am taking a gap year out before launching into my PhD.


I have been roleplaying in online communities such as Second Life and World of Warcraft for quite a few years, and have experience with table-top RPGs as well. I have played and completed most Final Fantasy games up to XII. Never got around to XIII because I've been moving around lots getting degrees, had my consoles in storage for a few years now.


My aim is to create a male Miqo'te, a trader and traveller who wanders from town to town selling his wares and earning a living. Rarely interested in confrontation, he prefers to talk his way out of any dangerous situation. Name TBD, depends on which ones are taken already. I want to find some merchant caravan-style roleplay. If this sounds like something you're interested in let me know. :)


I also want to create female Miqo'te and Lalafell characters on other servers (probably Gilgamesh and Moogle) but I'll think about that after I'm more established with my first character.


Nice to meet you all!

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Welcome to the community. I hope you enjoy yourself on Balmung. :D Male miqo'te are awesome, I'm glad they implemented them in this game since we didn't have them in the others. Good luck with the story, I'm sure you'll do fine.

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