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Game is now UNREGISTERD?

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So woke up today to get some gaming in before work.  Go to log in and its saying I dont have a registered game now. :frustrated:


Its ok Its ok ::deep breaths:: Apparently if this happens to anyone all you gotta do is go back to your email and follow it to findmyorder.com. The code in there has changed apparently and you have to input the new one.


::flips table::

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Happened to me to, omg did I freak out!! So it is NOT your pre order code and it is NOT your early access code. It is your actual product code. If you bought box itll be on that, but it you ordered digitally I think it depends. I went through gamestop, so I had to go on the gamestop app and look at "my games" to get my product code. Who did you order through? I hope that helps a bit.

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