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Niko'lai Lynxion

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Hi all! :moogle:




Name: Niko'lai Lynxion


Class/Job: Archer/Conjurer


Linkshells: Anomaly


Free Company: <>


Gender: Male


Race: Miqo'te / Keeper of the Moon


Hair color: Ginger Red


Eye color: Green


Personality: Quirky, lewd, flirty, and kind



Brand new to the RP community, love to do it, but some of the complexities are lost on me, hopefully I can meet some nice friendly people to show me the ropes! 

I was roleplaying with someone I met randomly on Balmung, but alas, they are leaving the server, and alas I am now alone and in need of fun and welcoming companions.


Feel free to add me or invite me to your LS's. 


<3 Niko'lai

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