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*peeks in* Hello!

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So I have been lurking on this lovely site for several days now (since the pre-release headstart) and I thought it was time to actually say hello!


I am new to FFXIV, though not new to MMO's. I have played more MMOs than is probably good to mention. I usually like to spread my time between experiencing the game and RPing when I can find it.  I am also a champion of the drive by heal.


Unfortunately my friends are on Gilgamesh currently, so I am here by myself.  Though I was lucky enough to be able to create a character on Balmung before it was locked.  So thank the Twelve for small favors.


Either way, I am looking forward to getting to know the community here in FF:ARR.  And if you happen to see a Miquote named Rheah'na Serras running around confused, that's me!

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Well, where I end up really depends on if I end up finding a home on Balmung, if that makes any sense.


I can always roll an alt on Gilgamesh (when it finally opens in a billion years) to hang out with my friends and leave my main on Balmung. 


I generally stay where I find friends and interesting RP stories. :)

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Oh, definitely!  I would love the opportunity for RP with new people.  (Just so long as you don't mind a few noobish lore mistakes ;) )


With the long holiday I should have lots of time to play on Sunday and Monday.  If the game actually lets me into the server, of course.


Though with the expansion of the NA datacenter set for Monday, I fear some long downtimes may be in our future.  But if Monday downtimes equal more playtime for everyone on Tuesday, it is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

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