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Vourigeant Villeamont

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Full name: Vourigeant Villeamont

Nicknames: Double V

Race: Elezen; Wildwood


Age: Adult

Birthplace: Gridania


Residance: Wandering

Occupation: Lancer, Trainee Dragoon



Family: None

Friends or Allies: None

Enemies: None




Skin: Pale

Eyes: Striking, piercing sky blue eyes.

Body: Slender with slightly chiselled abdominal muscles, nothing to really see yet.


Weight: Average


-Distinguishing Features-

He wears a Monoa Mask near enough all of the time.

Any clothing he wears is usually practical rather than for the looks, doesn't see the point in pretty clothing.




Positive traits: Confident, loyal, helpful, intelligent and quiet

Negative Traits: He can be too quiet.


Hopes: To prove his worth to future comrades and friends.


Fears: To die without proving his own worth.


Sexuality: Straight yet isn't looking.


Disposition: Usually is quiet and listening in on conversations, will remain loyal by the side of his allies and friends once made and trusted.


Motivation: Getting to be a Dragoon.




Dislikes: He remains mostly impartial so he doesn't dislike most things.


Likes: Books, Lances and the wild.

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