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Carina Lir / Geisterfuchs

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Basic Information:





Character:  Carina Lir

Linkshells:  Europa



RP Style:


Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):  medium to heavy.  I like slice-of-life style RP more than epic plotlines or good vs. evil, but I will not reject the later ones if Carina is somehow dragged into it. Apart from when I am in a dungeon I will always try to respond to any attempt at initiating RP.


Views on RP combat and injuries:  Do it. As long as she is not killed I will probably take part in it (though at current she will absolutely suck at any form of actual physical combat). Injuries are fine, but please ask before disfiguring her. I also believe in “The victim chooses the outcome”. So do not try to dictate how and where or even if I am hit.


Oneimportant note: I despise dice-rolling. So combat should be acted out with emoting. Try to be as descriptive as possible. Oh, and don’t even try actual PvP for RP. Not a fan.



Views on IC romance:  All for it. I do believe that a romance or two should be part of any characters life. But it needs to be built naturally. Do not expect to catch her heart in an instant. This will require work, and, most importantly, long RP. Carina is not looking for a partner. If it happens, it happens, but she is not on the prowl and it cannot be forced upon her (unless part of actual RP).



Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc.): As a big fan of slice-of-life this one is actually important. Social RP on any level is what I enjoy most. So just drag me into it. Relations are the heart and soul of any RP. Be bold.


Views on lore: Lore is important. One should stick to the world the game is set in at least loosely. No world-traveling cyber-dragon-zombies please. Just be someone who can actually exist in Eorzea and everything is fine. But do not be afraid of being creative within the boundaries of the world. Coming from a place that is not covered by the lore? Fine! Inserting a village or event where none is at the moment? Do it. Proclaiming yourself to be the secret heir of the Garlean Empire supported by Darth Vader and Lucan D’Lere? Please take your medicine…



Views on chat functions (/say, /linkeshell, etc.): If it is an IC-Linkshell, yes. Apart from that say, yell, emote, those are the channels I consider IC. Anything the characters can’t see or hear with their senses is not considered IC by me. And unless specifically declared so in advance, and Carina fitting into it storywise,  I will never ever consider any form of dungeon run or raid to be IC.



Real Life Information:


Country: Germany

Timezone:GMT +1 (we do have summer and winter time over here, also)

Contact Info: I simply love IC-Ingame mail (Honestly, more characters should write letters. It just adds so much to the game world). Apart from that a forum-PM or an ingame whisper are just fine.




Character Information & Background:


Name: Carina Lir

Nicknames: Cari, Rina, “Hey! You! Serving girl! Come over here!”



Age: 19 at the start of the game

Place ofBirth: Limsa Lominsa

Current Residence: Gridania


Appearance: Carina is about half a head taller than the average Miqo’te girl. Her skin is of a light grey-blue, with a silvery gleam displaying on her facial markings in those rare instances where she actually allows herself to be bathed in the suns light. Quite in contrast to her skin colour, her hair is of a dark blood-red, with only some strands of blue hidden among them. Most of the time she wears her long hair in an elaborate and precisely “crafted” pony-tail, with only two long strands left out. These frame her face, and, if necessary, allow her to hide her features beneath them.


If she chooses to do so the only thing anyone will spot of her face are her strikingly moss-green eyes, and the long and ghastly looking scar covering her right eye diagonally. It appears that she was very lucky at one point not to lose that eye.


On most occasions she also opts to not wear any face paint, unlike the common Keeper of the Moon. The only artificial colour generally found on her face (or body) is usually a light and sparky blue rouge at the edges of her eyes.


Regarding her clothes she is most commonly seen donning wide vests or robes that cover most of her body. In those rare moments when she has to wear more skimpy clothes she appears to be very ill at ease and obviously tries to hide as much of her exposed skin as possible, especially during the daylight hours. She also actively avoids places with too much exposure to the sun, unless allowed to wear a huge straw hat to hide away from the sun.


Personality: Carina can sometimes appear to be shy, especially when being alone with strangers. But closer examination will reveal that she is just acting cautious. She will not shy away from talking to strangers if it is necessary , and when working at a tavern she is actually very self-confident and may even appear to be bubbly at times. 


She is obviously enjoying working as a waitress and tries to squeeze as much work into her studies as possible. Unfortunately Gridania is not Limsa Lominsa, so since arriving there she has not had the opportunity to serve customers in any tavern anymore.


If someoneis pestering her she can be painfully direct, though she will almost immediately blush afterwards and bolt for a secluded area to catch her breath. She does not enjoy being rude or hurtful at all.



Final notes: Carina is almost always IC (Unless being in a dungeon or raid).  If you talk to her she will answer. If not she either hates your guts, or I am AFK. The latter one is much more probable in most cases.

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