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Well hello there

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I'm new to FF14, but not to MMOs or Final Fantasy, or even online RP!


(I'd like to take this moment to say a quick hello to anyone who might recognize my name from FF11, Lakshmi server, Canta Per Me linkshell)


I'm currently stuck on Kujata, which seems to be the place none of the core RP players seem to be, but I plan to move to a more RP friendly server soon as I'm able.


My main character this time around, is a young Hyur Woman named Sasha Jace; she's not afraid of a bit of hard work, she's a competent Archer and skilled tradeswoman.  She's friendly and genial and maybe just a little bit more prim and proper than the average adventurer.



[iC: the woman has a slight accent, think Jennifer Hale in the original dub of Metal Gear Solid (for reference)]

Hello! It's very nice to meet you all.  I do hope to meet some new friends here.  Girdania is, well it's not quite what I'm used to at all but it's awfully quiet and peaceful here.

Well, what to say about myself.  I'm an archer, I was taught when I was younger by my older brother the basics of hunting and gathering and I've spent much of my time here in the city furthering my tutelage with the Masters in Girdania (and while it has been largely a very pleasant experience, I must say that Silvairre does an exceptionally good job of getting under my skin with his arrogance.

Anyway, I best be off.  The botanists guild has contracted me to gather some materials for them and I'd rather not keep neither Cicely nor Fufucha waiting.

*she smiles, waves and is suddenly lost in a crowd of people near the Aetherite*


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