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LF RPers on Balmung


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Hey everyone! I'm looking for RPers on the Balmung server(if you didn't know!), currently in a FC that I'm happy with but want to expand the circle and maybe even do group RP questing etc. level 21 lancer if you're interested in the grouping part but feel free to add me or leave a reply on the forums. Happy hunting all!

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Hi! :)


Intermission is a great way to meet other RPers. You can also talk to one or more of the RPC mentors on Balmung, who will be happy to RP with you and point you in the direction of groups you might be interested in RPing with or LSes you might want to join.


On a more personal level, we of Mysterium are always open for RP, whether you're in one of our FCs or not -- and the same can be said for our allies, XI:7 and Blades of Nald'thal. Also, I personally am open to RP anytime, anywhere; just come up and say hello, or drop me a tell if you want to arrange a meeting. L'yhta's a very friendly, outgoing sort. :)

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