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Keru's Art Thread.

Keru / E'ir

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Well hello everyone, I've never really thought of myself as much of an artist, and recently I drew Keru on paper. While I was indifferent about it, my roommate absolutely adored it and said I should post it. So here I am now with a picture of it. If I knew how to use photoshop or a pen tablet(I don't know it's actual name) I think it would have been better but unfortunately my computer knowledge when it comes to art is not much. Forgive the quality my scanner is not the best. Let me know what you think okay? ^^




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Hallo again people *waves* so I've been literally doing nothing for the past forever. So I'm gonna be trying to get some practice in. If anyone wants I'll attempt to draw their character, but I might screw up.


Anyways to start this off here is one drawing of Koyu~ (he let me do teh doodles)




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Hallo again it's been too long, with that I had three stuffs to put up, lost my old sketch book and ended up buying two small ones, anyways...







The last picture from the old book. T.T





I'm forever sad I forgot ears.



Anyways, I got a whole bunch of new pencils so all the different pencils will hopefully be used, and the new book is 6 in. x 8 in. it's so little xD


Fair warning, anyone with references up might have their face "borrowed". I'll pm you first though.

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