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Trinity Council (Inactive)


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[align=center](Currently known as Trinity Syndicate -TC-RP-)[/align]

Trinity Council is a Free Company/Linkshell based political, military, and economical organization run by Role Players. Comprised of members of each Nation (3 Separate Linkshells); The composition of the Council are player elected by their respected Nation's based on their in character ideals, strengths, and weaknesses. Each Nation is made up of about four to five main individuals who attend meetings and discussions on current standards of affairs in their respected nations.


The Councilor - The Ambassador of his/her nation.

The Second Chair - The Co-Ambassador of his/her nation if the Councilor cannot be present to meetings.

The Military Adviser - The head of the player based Military organization of his/her nation. (DoW and DoM Training and Strategy as well employment of troops.)

The Economic Adviser - The head of the player based Economic organization of his/her nation.  (Tradecrafts and Gathering Material Trades.)

The Research Adviser - The head of the player based Research team of his/her nation. (Tradecraft and Gathering Material Usage.)


[align=center]The basis of this Free Company/Linkshells is to bring the RP community together as a whole and begin the process of possible Player based trading, crafting, and instancing (Dungeons, Instancing, Guildhests, Questing.)[/align]


[align=center]Once enough funds are procured and the Trinity Council Free Company has achieved Rank 6; a Consulate for meetings and gathering will be purchased on a large plot of land.[/align]

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