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Hello to everyone

Jace Hunter

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Good Evening, Good Night, Good Morning, and hello.


First, let me start by saying that I love Moogles and everything Moogle related. Now that that is out of the way, Jace and I are quite happy to be a part of such a booming community. I've been Roleplaying for some...I want to say almost 10 years now, and I was really excited to see that so many people on XIV were Roleplaying as well, so, hooray! I've been a player since 1.0 as well, so, hello to all my fellow 1.0ers.


I usually go by Kami, Kamiwami, or Kamika, but you may all call me Jace, or as my friends tend to tease: Jace the Ace. Whatever works.


I look forward to roleplaying and enjoying the game with many of you! :D Please, feel free to message me, add me, and what have you and let's do something! Woo!

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