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Hi hi~


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Hello all! *smiles and waves*


My name is Okichi (Viola Seville in game).  I'm fairly new to role-playing and to FFXIV as well.  I'm not a huge MMO player, though I have dabbled a bit in Guild Wars 2, Ragnarok, and a few others.  I'm looking to stick with ARR for a long time, and I'm hoping RP will help enhance my experience!


I've written out the majority of my character's history and personality already, and I plan to put up a page about her soon.  In short, she is a Miqo'te raised by Midlanders in Ul'dah, who has spent much of her life as a common thief in the streets.  She has since left that life in pursuit of both a more noble lifestyle and a place to belong.  As far as personality goes, I prefer to leave those details in-game.


I'm looking to try my hand at heavy role-playing and placing Viola into immersive storylines.  In the other MMOs I've played, I've mostly just sat in a corner watching others role-play, usually too shy or awkward to step in myself.  Well, shyness begone (I hope)!


I play on Gilgamesh currently as a level 15 pugilist.  Any tips regarding my class, role-playing, character ideas, or the game in general would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks for reading this awkward blurb~

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