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Kirasha Lunasong


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[size=x-large][b]I. Basic Info[/b][/size] 


[*] [u][color=#800000]Characters:[/color][/u]Kirasha Lunasong / L'Lerune Kheyn

[*] [u][color=#800000]Primary character:[/color][/u]Kirasha Lunasong

[*] [u][color=#800000]Linkshells:[/color][/u]None so far

[*] [u][color=#800000]Primary RP linkshell:[/color][/u]None so far


[size=x-large][b]II. RP Style[/b][/size] 


[*] [u][color=#800000]Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):[/color][/u]

I prefer a heavy RP setting with minor OOC talk unless it pertains to dungeon
information or quest information.

[*] [u][color=#800000]Views on RP combat and injuries:[/color][/u]

I find having a character play out a wound or flaw is great.

[*] [u][color=#800000]Views on IC romance:[/color][/u]
I have nothing against it personally, it adds depth to a character whether 
through drama or not.

[*] [u][color=#800000]Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):[/color][/u]

I would love to have a brother or sister who would play ICly with me. Like above
it adds that depth to the story of the character!

[*] [u][color=#800000]Views on lore:[/color][/u]

I myself am not very fluent in the Lore, though I have been researching a lot of 
it. I try to stick to most of it if possible.

[*] [u][color=#800000]Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):[/color][/u]

Always a necessity! 


[size=x-large][b]III. Other Info[/b][/size] 


[*] [u][color=#800000]Country:[/color][/u]USA

[*] [u][color=#800000]Timezone:[/color][/u]Central

[*] [u][color=#800000]Contact info:[/color][/u]Kirasha Lunasong in game or 
ameperdue83 on steam!



[align=center][glow=blue][size=x-large]~Special announcements can be found in the posts below~[/size][/glow][/align]

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