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Fishing/Gathering social RP linkshells?


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Taking a quick browse over the Balmung linkshells, I didn't really notice any that focused on gathering with a social bias.  If I've missed one please let me know, as I'd probably be interested in joining. I'm spending a lot of time fishing right now, but it gets a little lonely. ;D If the linkshell is connected to a Free Company it's not a deal breaker for me as I haven't joined one yet.


I don't spend all my time as a fisher of course, I do dungeon/quest etc... but I do think I might spend more time as DoL with likeminded company.


If there aren't any linkshells like this out there... would people be interested? Here's what I'd be looking for in my 'dream DoL LS' anyway:

- casual IC chatter over the linkshell while gathering/fishing

- small gathering/fishing/exploring parties

- the occassional campfire gathering to talk about the one that got away, or the horrible creature that fell out of the tree that one time in the South Shroud while logging...

- some OOC chatter would be fine with me, too

- i'm pretty fail at crafting, but having some crafters there would likely benefit everyone, haha


Mostly though I just want something laid back and friendly. I'm not really hardcore about this. I'd rather not 'lead' this LS, but if it's small enough I suppose it wouldn't be tough, haha.


Anyhow, if anyone is interested, or has a LS or FC that would be similar to this, I'd love to know! =]

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