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*bows* Hello, everyone.


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This is coming off of my comfort zone since I don't normally post on forums. I always just forget about them when I do. Let us try to change that..


So I am a gamer that has many tastes, however I got into text-based Roleplaying about..hmm..10-12 years ago not including whatever role-playing I did with friends. That not-so-oddly effected me in games as well.


I can't remember how much I RPed in any other MMO or game itself, but I'd say I started doing it more heavily in WoW during the Burning Crusade expansion. So if you seen a blood elf Ret Paladin running around in WoW named Briaya, which is rather a uniquely named, then it was me.


I tried RPing in other MMOs like Rift and SW:TOR(I did not add XI as I only RPed with a friend of mine when I did play), but it was hard to find many people with games not focusing on the RPing aspect as much anymore without shouting it out. At least giving labels for players to pick their servers like WoW could have helped focus players more.


So I decided that I wanted to see if I could find people that may like to RP as I've been more focused on RPing with the fact that I am a GM of a Mass Effect D&D campaign. I would more than likely engage you in RP if you come to me, though I try not to budge into other RPs so easily unless invited. I am a bit shy, I guess.


So that makes me think I'd lean towards heavy RP. You wont see me do many OOC things, but maybe shout and such. If you do see my character jumping around...it is because I glitched through the world and I'm freaking out that it'll happen again OOC.. I may not have a major story for characters, but I usually craft one as I go along giving basics. Enough to let myself know who my character is personality-wise and what he is doing at least. I feel more comfortable doing that in MMOs because I may not know all the lore that some do, so I usually mold characters that way.


So if you see Tima Anubi or Briaya Wolfaya, those would be my characters at the time I wrote this.


So hope you don't mind me around! *two-finger salute*

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Hello Briaya!


Wow, a Mass Effect D&D campaign...I can't even imagine how different that would be :surprise: ! Well, I guess I could imagine how different, actually... :P


Seems like you are coming in with a good plan of action for your characters, and seem to have been involved in the MMO scene and role play long enough to know what works for you :) .


Welcome to the community...hope to see you in-game :thumbsup: !

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