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Headmaster Zeruel [Balmung]

Ventus Zeruel

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If you don't like hearing inspiring or DA'W-able stories about how a gamer found his true passion, please skip this! But if you do, please...read for me ^_^


Hello all, My name is Ventus Zeruel.

You may call me Ven... or Headmaster if by chance you wish to decide to join my Academy. It's currently full of great people, friends...family that I've already grown attached to.


I like to believe that, it's the friends and the people you accompany yourself with,  that makes this world desirable. Without friends, you're just alone...and being alone well, that's no fun! 


Now, I played 1.0 a while back, and of course made a lot of great friends then too. A few of them I remember to this day. Especially the linkshell Blue Skies. Endemerrin was one of my highlights in role play...he hosted great events, and it was his leadership that inspired me to begin my own guild.


So I ventured onto a game most of you have played or probably heard of. Tera!

I was on Celestial hills for quite a long time...and well, Due to the inspiration that Endemerrin gave me, I began my own guild.


It wasn't too long after that, when I met the love of my life!


Yeah, she's the cute little red head there! Well, I could go on for hours talking about how we met each other in r/l situations, moved in together, and are now living happily in our own home in Virginia, but that's ages ago! She's not red headed but, she's a beautiful girl none the less, and she's an artist! Ah- but I'm getting off track...



It started out small, but as it grew I met people that I still know and I'm friends with to this very day.

We named the guild, Allemantheia Garden. Garden being the mercenary academy, and home for people in final fantasy 8! It was very successful. 


We hosted many events, two of which were... The Garden Festival that half the server even came to and rp'd at and An auction we called the 'LUVLUVAuction, to represent the GF potion that you give to your summons to make them more compatible with you? Well we auctioned players, to be compatible with each other! Which it then inspired them to rp with their date in a nice scenario of being bought by them.


It was a very hilarious event, and even the GM's came and decided to watch, such a great community.


Without them, their support and our wonderful connection we wouldn't have gotten anywhere.

So I thank you guys, for giving me such a great life experience.


But, ALL good things, must come to an eventual end.

Though, I couldn't allow this...


Sure, everyone eventually stopped playing and we all still stayed in touch, but it just wasn't the same...

We all did so much together and without them, without Endemerrin and my friends.... I'd never have met Liali; the girl I'm now living happily with, and damn love is good...


So I got them all together again.  After I heard of Final Fantasy being rebooted, I jumped RIGHT on that, and let them know "This is where we'll be reborn, just like the game entails..."

They were very excited...and now?


Well we couldn't be happier.



Thank you, Yoshida.

and Thank you to the Balmung Community of A realm reborn.




Really? Skipping that?

Awe, well...some of us just wanna get on with the game, I understand!

So...It's nice to meet you! I played a lot of final fantasy, now I'm back. With lots of friends, LOTS of friends. 


Hope you can be a friend too!


--MMORPG background

I played, well..too many games.


1.0 FF


Dragon Nest





--RP experience

9 years and ticking, Began roleplay through lots of online forums, merged over to social websites, then games! I love to be detailed and get into tons of stories. My character Ventus has followed me through the whole journey.

--How did you learn about the coalition?

Always knew about it, just never used it until now!

--What kind of a role-player are you aiming to be? Light, medium, or heavy?

Aiming in the inbetween of heavy and medium~

--Anything from real life you're comfortable with sharing? (Work, school, hobbies, etc)

Met the love of my life on the last game I played! she's with me now!


So yeah! Give me an add!


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