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Wardens of Light (Inactive)

Swift Nightclaw

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Wardens of Light

Linkshell: Wardens of Light IC

For Linkshell Invite: Contact Swift Nightclaw in game or respond here to be contacted.

Free Company: Wardens of Light [To be created]



Wardens of Light

The Wardens of Light is a Linkshell and to be a role play Free Company that bases itself on lore compliance and free form role play revolving around a group of adventurers exploring Eorzea and keeping involved in monitoring and reacting to threats.


Motto: "We carry the light of the crystal into the shadows to keep the darkness at bay."


OOC Mission Statement:

Wardens of Light is founded on building a group of experienced role playersthat have a mutual interest in one thing: Good, tasteful roleplay that focuses on adventuring and participating in the events shaping the world around them.


IC Mission:

A secretive, independent group of adventurers of exceptional ability dedicatedto fighting any threats to Eorzea wherever they might be found.  They hold no headquarters in any of the nations of Eorzea, their members freely moving from place to place as the winds guide them.  They ignore recruits’ racial, national, social, and even criminal backgrounds if they deem them valuable by merit of their character or abilities.


Inspired by the tale of the Warriors of Light and how they,adventurers from other lands, contributed to such great changes in Eorzea’s history, the Wardens consider themselves guardians of Eorzea, traveling great lengths to follow whispers and rumor of threats to the land.  Though members may ally with the three nations, they secretly hold their allegiance to their order and their duty above all others.


They come together at regular meetings to share informationthey’ve discovered and determine if any threats are of high enough importance for them to unify their efforts in addressing them above other tasks.





After the vagabond miqo'te Swift Nightclaw found himself swept up by events in the city state of Ul'dah, he came to realize the impact and importance of the Warriors of Light in the events leading up to the Calamity. But it was not their deeds leading directly to the fateful battle, but their origins that stirred him. Adventurers from beyond the nations were responsible for the unification of nations against the Garlean Empire and those willing to follow in their footsteps could have the same impact on history again.


Believing in the widespread suspicion that the Garlean Empire would again attempt to conquer Eorzea, Swift set about seeking others who would be willing to put aside their allegiances to do what's necessary to uncover any threat to Eorzea and face it. Adventurers who would travel the lengths and breadths of the land for signs and rumor, merchants to develop networks of informants, or crafters to simply provide supplies and boarding to those who do travel. As he found others, they organized into a loosely structured company held together by the bonds of their duties rather than a strict structure of command, unified in their mutual dedication to keeping Eorza free and secure.










Non-RPer (Friends and family of members of the guild who don’t RP)


While the Company does have ranks, they are not controlled by the hierarchy of structure. When the members of the Wardens of Light gather for their meetings, all members present anything they feel is pertinent for further action or investigation and their comrades discuss and collectively determine what, if any, action to take. The officers and Commander only extend any authority in the event that an agreement of action cannot be met during the meeting.





Rules will be defined when the Free Company is formed.

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I'd really love to join up with this once you get it going! My character Tatarin Totorin is definitely the kind who would get starry-eyed at the chance to become a member of a group dedicated to helping and protecting others, being the pure-hearted healer type that he is. ICly (and stat-wise) he's still just starting out as an adventurer, but I'd love to RP getting picked as a recruit and whatnot and have him take his first steps into hero-hood under the guidance of the Wardens.


Unfortunately my hours are a little odd since I live in Japan, but I'm usually around most of the time on weekends and if anyone's up late at night or early in the morning I'll be around to chat with.


I know the LS hasn't been created yet, but next time you're on shoot Tatarin Totorin a friend request! I look forward to this becoming a reality!

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This reminds me of the Grey Wardens from Dragon Age, I'm loving it...When/If open for recruitment, let me know!


That's admittedly a bit of influence in the idea...minus quite as much jerkishness with the whole "might kill recruits, woops" aspect and the "we're the only ones who can save the world" part.


And it turns out I created this before knowing about the Scions of the Sevent Dawn.  I kind of think the Wardens of Light are a little less known, more secretive and not as notable to the city states.  While the Scions are dealing with things like Primals, the Wardens' job is to track down the threats that might go unseen.


I'll get more details up shortly!

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Is this still in the works?


It is, but got delayed.  I've been so focused on leveling and seeing the main story , I haven't spent time building up the FC/LS with Roleplayers and exploring RP myself.  I blame Square for an engaging story!


And I was out of game due to work for a couple weeks!  It's been super busy. :dazed:


Will be getting back into Eorzea more regularly and looking for folks to help build this.  I have the Linkshell ready and the FC is formed (rank 5) though the other members are Non-RPers (RL friends, but they're nice peoples).

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