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The Sow's Ear (Inactive)

Dorian Slade

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You walk into The Sow's Ear hearing rumors of Gil being thrown around for work. The familiar aroma of a tavern hits you as a step is taken inside the doors. The room looks clean and filthy at the same time; almost as if the mess was recently made. People are cluttered together engaging in song, dance, drinking, and debauchery. You are able to overhear several simultaneous conversations, and all of the your senses are overwhelmed. Lost, you begin looking around for a familiar face inside an unfamiliar place; a strong urge of drowning in a sea of people takes you over and anxiety begins to take hold.



You have been in this environment before, but something is different. Could it be the people seem genuinely content? There are few looks of folks drowning their sorrows, instead they are all coming together embracing the differences that they all share. The flash of anxiety dissipates, and you begin to feel welcome. You still scan the crowd searching the room for someone - anyone that you may know; walking around, searching.



You run into a table, not paying attention where your feet were headed and a drink is spilled. The crowd becomes quiet, much more quiet than before. A figure is sat at the table arms folded across his chest, feet and legs propped on the table you just nearly knocked over. A hat is raised and you see a glimmer of white piercing eyes behind a shadow of the brim and red hair. "Oi! Did ya try'ta wake me, or ya just daft? Can' ya see this table is occupied?" A brief grin takes the place of his lips and the sarcastic nature of this man is revealed.



The man unfolds his arms and motions for you to take one of the empty seats at his table. "Suppose ya came here lookin' fer coin, did ya? Don' think I know yer voice yet, n'ya sure as don' smell like the rest o'my crew." You cautiously take a seat and track your surroundings of any suspicious individuals looking to catch you off guard. As you look around the crowd regains its rowdy, clamorous activity.



The man tilts his head up, yet remains staring ahead. You feel as if his piercing, white eyes are boring a hole through you and reaching the back of your chair. He flashes another boyish grin and asks, "Are ya gonna say anythin' or ya mute n'daft? They call me Slade, but ya can call me Mister Slade." He moves the hair from his eyes, allowing them to catch even more light producing a small flicker of brightness. "Well, what is it? Who are ya? N'what can ya do fer yers' truly, n' m'crew?"



Slade's Logs:


Log 1:


A stifled, shimmering light emerges from the smallest of cracks beneath the earth. The prismatic crystal emanates life-force powerful enough to wake the Creator's, if such a thing. A simple prophesier and foretold, an end of an era, a moon, a sun, or whatever the case may be... This was our fate.


Thrown upon a new 'permanent' existence, followers have managed to thus far survive the plagues and establish a society that is explained by the clairvoyant as to be 'a shell of what the world used to be, however, in some areas, leaps ahead', to which absolute meaning I am uncertain.


I write this log to explain my position; I take all that I own, and I own all that I am capable of taking. Life is that of a sunset, beautiful, missed, unappreciated, or apathetic. I seize the life that I possess, as I take in every sunset. I capture the time, for it is our creation. I posses the day and night, because it was there for the taking.


Prophecy and scripture will explain the events that have and will occur, but what of the time spent in the here? What of the now? If life is a measurement of one catastrophe to the next, what difference does the actions we take truly affect the end result? Destiny? I spit on the thought.


Log 2:


Beyond zealotry and creationist babble, I have discovered the true meaning of 'it'. Being what we have known, well I, for that matter, but the difference is all that more important. The farmer plants, harvests, sells...but what of the earth? What of the crucial element that they often overlook. The symbiotic relationship between life and the inanimate, though containing and the ability to provide life giving properties, is widely misconstrued.


Life barters; there is both give and take. What if there was the possibility of the aforementioned, without the give? What if life was much more simple? We take, so therefore we give. We give, therefore we should receive? But do we? No. We live life as it were meant until we produce offspring, and then we teach said offspring to live in the same manner. Give, give, give, and more give, until all that remains is our very life-force.


I refuse to sacrifice my being for the benefit of others. I refuse to teach future generations that this is the only way. Proportionately there are much more mindless rodents that will freely give for the opportunity to receive. Naivety has blinded them into believing that the 'good' they do will be rewarded. I, for one, am not, and refuse to be so patient.



OOC - About Us:


The Sow's Ear OOC Linkshell and website are free for everyone to join and take part in! Please message Dorian Slade in game for an invite to take part in chat or RP events! Don't forget to visit our website:



The Sow's Ear is a small, tight-knit free company that is Role Play oriented. That being said, we enjoy all aspects of the game including, but not limited to: Dungeons of all sizes, Crafting, Alts, Gathering, and Socializing. We have numerous people involved in our Out of Character Linkshell, and several people are on to play with all throughout the day. The Sow's Ear FC chat is also full of In Character chat that pertain to individual story lines, company-wide story lines, and just general communication. The Sow's Ear tries accommodate all aspects of game play, and attempts to allow people the freedom to choose the type of Role Play or other that they wish to take part in.


Our Free Company forums are also sectioned to include both In Character and Out of Character interaction, because let's face it, there are times in which it just isn't practical to be online at all times during the day. The Sow's Ear incorporates board posted tasks that earn reputation within the Free Company, as the in game ranks reflect a character's standing with Dorian Slade and the Free company as a whole.


We are a 18+ Mature guild, with limited exceptions, and intend to keep it that way. There will be instances in which a person or character will be submitted to witness adult themed humor, situations, and other. So if none of this interests you or you feel as if your character would not partake in said activities, please understand that this Free Company is not the best choice.


There are several types of Role Players that make up The Sow's Ear and affiliates. Being a chaotic neutral free company, we are good nor evil, but basically to the highest bidder and also reflecting upon individual character's morals. We attempt to allow each character the freedom to choose the path they wish, but also maintain a goal-oriented scheme for the Free company. There people who make up The Sow's Ear range from veteran Role Players to Freshly Made Role Players, and we attempt to help everyone understand and appreciate what quality Role Play can bring to a storyline, the community, and to the stigma of what it is to be a Role Player.





Q: What are the thoughts of The Sow's Ear on meta-gaming?

A: The Sow's Ear believes that every character encounter should be treated as a character-to-character experience. If a particular character is not there to witness an event or a crucial part of the story of another character, then that character may not use the information in or out of character unless explicit permission is given by said character.


Q: What about God-modding?

A: Stop it. Stop it right fucking now. No one wants to sit around and watch you play a 15 dollar a month "Jimmy burns the anthill with a magnifying glass" game. If you or your character take action without allowing the character to respond, especially in instances of permanent features, i.e., death, then you will not be permitted to take place in our Role Play.


Q: Erotic Role Play?

A: To each their own. The Sow's Ear does not care if you take part in it, do not want to take part in it, or are indifferent to the subject. So long as it takes place between consenting adults and does not make its way into Company, Linkshell, or Mumble, then do as you please. If drama or issues arise due to ERP or relationships, then it will be treated as drama and the participating parties will be dealt with.


Q: If I dislike someone out of character, can I dislike them in character too?

A: If you can honestly say that the perception of that character isn't being skewed because of an out of character relationship, sure. The Sow's Ear does not expect you to get along with everyone on a personal level or hell, even showing up to the same events. That being said, there are lines and limitations to how you can act towards others. Be respectful out of character, at the very least.


Q: What if I am new to RP?

A: That is perfectly fine, and we appreciate that you are allowing us the opportunity to get to know both you as a writer and your character(s).


Q: What is the chat system like in The Sow's Ear?

A: The Free Company is all In Character, the Linkshell is all Out of Character, and the mumble server is all Out of Character. You can take part in any aspect that you wish.


Q: Am I expected to RP all the time?

A: No. There are so many aspects to this game that it would be a shame just to enjoy one of them. We encourage every member to explore, have fun, and at the end of the day Role Play with like-minded individuals if you so choose.


Q: What age do I have to be to join?

A: This is an 18+ establishment, however, some exceptions may be made.

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I do have a question! Do you plan on having an actual tavern/pub once housing becomes available?


   That is a good question. I/we have every intention on buying dedicated space for the official "The Sow's Ear" tavern. The space will also be open to the public and hopefully be a good way for veteran and new RPers to meet and branch out.


   I know there are plenty of Free Companies looking to do similar ideas, but hopefully we will bring in an eclectic crowd as we are primarily of the wanderer/bandit mentality with a lot of chaotic neutral mixed in.


   Hope that answers your question!

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by any chance do you welcome all sorts of individuals into your LS/FC or are you specifically looking for the shadier characters?


I know you state you are eclectic when it comes to theme but have to ask just in case.


   Good question, and I will answer in parts to explain our position on Free Company and Link Shell tells that we have been getting.


   There are people who have been interested in RPing with our guild, however, for they are already inside of a Free Company for RP reasons or other. We are not against inviting people to our Out of Character Linkshell for the purposes of chat and events, but that being said, we also cannot guarantee people outside of the Free Company will be able to take place in certain 'in-house' RP for the stake of story-line.


   If a person is interested in joining the Free Company, just like with any other FC out there, the person is in control of whether or not their character would fit into certain situations. The Sow's Ear is a tavern that has is a front for Bandit and Miscreant activities, but remain chaotic neutral. We have characters who are simply looking for work, looking to use the tavern, or just feel as if they are only deemed 'good' or 'bad' if the pay is right.


   Hopefully this answers your question and the others I have been receiving towards the Free Company.

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It does answer my question, I like the way this sounds actually. I always wanted to see an rp "guild" that ran more like Sons of Anarchy. I take it since you plan on dealing with the shadier stuff; you will be planning "plotlines" that individuals can sink their teeth into from time to time?


Hence why you mention that those who choose to join oocly won't be as in-the-know as those who are with the FC icly.

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 I take it since you plan on dealing with the shadier stuff; you will be planning "plotlines" that individuals can sink their teeth into from time to time?


   We deal in the shady, not so shady, and the irrelevant. There are a lot of different types of characters in FFXIV ARR and though our basis is chaotic neutral, we do try to cater to other types of RP. There are some characters that swing more towards the good and some that swing more towards the evil.


   So long as a character is willing to take some direction and keep an open mind, we will try to accommodate to story arcs to the best of our ability. We have one FC plot in the works and will continue with many others, as well as server-wide events.

I have a question as well! More on those of a Good or Lawful alignment, will they be limited in the Free Company because of this or is it entirely up to player to get involved?


   The way the FC is made up we have people who would do nothing but RP all day, and some who are more on the light side of RP. Luckily, there are usually times in which we designate, but we also ask characters to branch out into the wonderful RP community that Balmung has, and meet new people.


   That being said, good, neutral, evil, we will have a place. It is up to the person to decide if we are the right fit for their character and not the other way around. Alignment will only hinder a character's RP within the FC if the choice to join was a poor decision in the first place, as we include all members.

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