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Black Sun Trading [Disbanded]


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We're in the business of business. Simple as that. If it can make gil, we do it. What more can be said?



Black Sun Trading doubles as a Free Company and a Linkshell. Free Company chat is OOC, set up with the In Character job titles as ranks. The Linkshell itself is an IC Linkpearl system.


The company itself is in itself a very broad company of merchants, crafters and gatherers working to amass a good reputation and of course... Gil.


Behind the curtains? Well, who knows really? Anything from drugs to information dealing to a black market and even prostitution is available mattering on supply and demand.


If it makes gil, the company does it as long as there is someone there that can handle it.


Recruitment will be open for a good while and the positions open up with a resume setup on the website. If you want to become a Manager, you have to work for it and be dedicated. Simple as that.

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