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Try and say that 5 times really fast.


Uhmmm just trying to say something more interesting than the gorillian "hellos" in the "hello" forum I guess.


I'm a new person to this game on Gilgamesh, I did some RP on wow here and there, and have religiously read warcraft sues for like...2 years I think. I find bad RP to be somewhat fascinating for some reason.


In my case however, I RP for more than just the enjoyment of immersion. I also RP to gain "voice" for when I write characters in my own amateur writing hobby. I don't copy paste characters...but I try to speak using their personality in order to get closer to the character.


I was looking for RP servers on this game and was pretty sad to see that they were no officially ordained servers, however I'm wondering that if having a structured community (such as this one) may actually prove to work better than flagging a server RP, and thus concentrate more serious people into smaller spaces and groups to be more uhmmm...dense I guess?


Sorry, I'm kind of tired so I may think of a better way to word that later.


I know what character I want to get closer too, however I don't have a solid idea of what that character is like yet, so I'm still an open book about it (literally). I know there's probably a gorillian people who play miqo'te, but after a long deliberation between that and a female rogaedyn (sp?), I found that I could cover more characters with a female miqo'te, so that's what I went with.


Sorry I know this is kind of long uhmmm...I haven't been invited to any guilds yet, so I'm still trying to find one to invite my conjurer/healer into, but I'm still only level 24.


So uhmmm yeah...thanks for reading.


EDIT: Sorry, forgot to mention I live in Alaska, so I'm usually on pretty late. Hopefully I'll be able to find a few others in my situation.

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