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Terrorist Attack Rocks Adder Camps

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Written by: MaryBeth ZofanTwo terrorist attacks dealt a blow to the Adders on the eve of the 7th Sun. A small supply encampment west of Fallgourd Float was attacked first, where explosives fashioned with firesand were set off unexpectedly. The Wood Wailers responded promptly to the threat and managed to minimize the damage. No major injuries were reported, though numerous supplies of the Adders were destroyed in the attack.Less than twenty minutes after the initial attack, a second attack was made on another small supply encampment to the east of Fallgourd Float. Again, no injuries were reported but a number of supplies were destroyed.Full Cold Moon gala attendees socialize.All of this transpired during a large public event known as the Full Cold Moon Gala in Fallgourd Float where a huge gathering of attendees were enjoying themselves. An Adders representative had the following to say:"The first attack was clearly meant as a diversion to strike the second and more guarded encampment. Furthermore, the gala was used by the culprit as further diversion and possibly as an escape route as well. We'll continue investigating and ensuring the safety of the Twelveswood."Gala attendees for the most part seemed unaware of the attacks to the east and west, and continued having a jovial time through the eve. Hostess Elza Ashfen Felstar was not available for comment.While the investigation is still ongoing, the Twin Adder is almost certain that the culprit was none other than the 'Black Queen.' This is largely due to the insignia in the ground left behind in the second attack, the Queen's calling card of sorts.The Black Queen appeared approximately four cycles ago and has continued to attack the Twin Adders on numerous occasions. She is considered highly dangerous and does not work alone. She is said to be a tall hyur woman with straight raven black hair. She wears all black leather and hides her face behind a mask. The Adders have offered a continuously increasing award for her capture that is now at around 250,000 gil.

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