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Background check? Por Qua?!

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Salutations everyone,


It brings me great joy to learn that a fantastic game such as this has a community set aside for Roleplaying and that it is completely player initiated. I have not been on this game since 1.0. In fact I bought the game on August 28th and have been waiting patiently to create a character on a server I thought fit for me aside from the JP server I've been playing on to learn the game itself and get a taste of what it had to offer.



Perhaps the topic title comes into question so I submit to you this.


I have been roleplaying and writing stories since days of old, when I was just a boy I wrote tales of a cursed sorcerer as many stories go, but for the age of 6 it was a darn good start.


I started roleplaying online via Yahoo Messenger in Final Fantasy fanboi fashion as a Black Mage. My e-mail itself is homage to the Black Mage and I am quite proud of that. Sadly, RP in such a manner is all but changed or gone. No matter.


6 years ago I began to Roleplay on World of Warcraft. Seeking desperately for the interaction with other writers and storytellers. I had not become very versed in the lore but found I had a talent for BS'ing and BS I did while I learned the stories behind the races I favored. Gnomes, if you must know, so Lallafell are special to me already.


My fresh start here has made it difficult as I am kind of the shy type, even behind this screen of mine, and I go out on a limb here to find friends. Family. Foe. So long as I gain the connection I have grown to hold dear.


I have been roleplaying for 20 years, I started at the age of 6 with simple games of Dungeons and Dragons. It was then I got locked into ideas, creating, and other worlds and it has yet to leave me and I pray it never does.


I do not have much of a sense of humor. That is to say, I find many things funny and have been told I myself am funny but I do not pick up on jokes easily. If I do not understand something I frequently question it so that I may understand.


I hope to meet a lot of you and I hope some of you will adopt me in my quest to learn the lore and make friends on the way. Thank you for reading all of this. I did not hold back, You are roleplayers so I assume you too do not believe in TL;DR.


I still am not good at initiating roleplay myself without some semblance of knowing where to start. Advice is welcome, very much so.





Edit: Oh! Please, PLEASE feel free to ask me questions about myself! Perhaps you and I will have something in common and we can be friends? :)

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