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[size=x-large][b]I. Basic Info[/b][/size] 


[*] [u][color=#800000]Characters:[/color][/u] Auburn Lynx

[*] [u][color=#800000]Primary character:[/color][/u] Auburn Lynx

[*] [u][color=#800000]Linkshells:[/color][/u] Still looking

[*] [u][color=#800000]Primary RP linkshell:[/color][/u] Still Looking


[size=x-large][b]II. RP Style[/b][/size] 


[*] [u][color=#800000]Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):[/color][/u]

I am looking for Medium/Heavy RP. Not to say I'd just exclusively be just a roleplayer, I'm a casual hardcore when it comes to the game in general

[*] [u][color=#800000]Views on RP combat and injuries:[/color][/u]

I will not do /duels, mostly for ooc reasons (usually gear- based problems or x class is OP in pvp etc). I tend to like conflict RP, but I dont want it to be my super focus for my story

Concerning Injury, Auburn has minor healing magics, due to being more of a martial character. I give more profound injuries realistic recovery values if there isnt a healer present.

[*] [u][color=#800000]Views on IC romance:[/color][/u]

I dont mind it, I suppose that's all I could mention. Just as long as its kept between our characters and not in real life.

[*] [u][color=#800000]Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):[/color][/u]

IC friends are a must, imo. Else it would be boring just meeting strangers all the time for a few minutes 

[*] [u][color=#800000]Views on lore:[/color][/u]

I'm doing my best to stick to the lore, though due to me being new to the setting of the game, I wouldnt mind some advice here and there 

[*] [u][color=#800000]Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):[/color][/u]

If I'm RPing, I use OOC with brackets (Unless certain channels are ooc). Outside of that, I tend to play the game normally, mostly because that's how I've always done it


[size=x-large][b]III. Other Info[/b][/size] 


[*] [u][color=#800000]Country:[/color][/u] USA

[*] [u][color=#800000]Timezone:[/color][/u] EST

[*] [u][color=#800000]Contact info:[/color][/u] PM on the site or contact me in game via Auburn Lynx! Let me know your from the site!



[align=center][glow=blue][size=x-large]~Special announcements can be found in the posts below~[/size][/glow][/align]

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