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Seeking Older, Mystic, Sage With Ties to Nymeia for Heavy RP FC Concept


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I am porting over a longstanding WoW RP guild concept over to FFXIV.


The concept is that of a dark themed, underground organization that isn't afraid to get its hands dirty for the greater cause. Murder, subterfuge, extortion... no measure is too far when the ends justify the means.


Aside from that, part of the concept will be a heavy theme of Fate, and Determinism. Basically, the biggest core value and tenet of the organization will be the reliance on the self to accomplish the goals and dreams we wish to see. To make the changes we desire happen through our own volition. 


However to fully realize the concept, I require a wiser, spiritual leader who perhaps through devout following of Nymeia can tap into the aether and is granted minor visions. Nothing major, or game breaking, but targets for recruitment and elimination, or even help with decision making for the organization.


If anyone has a character that more or less fits that description and would like to be a part of a Heavy RP guild please Message me for more Information.


To recap, the organization will be dark, secret, and most definitely a cult, but most definitely NOT evil.

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