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Viola Seville


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I. Basic Info 



Characters: Viola Seville


Primary character: Viola Seville


Linkshells: Driftwood Coast


Primary RP linkshell: Driftwood Coast



II. RP Style 



Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):

Medium to heavy.  I'm always up for RP and willing to drop what I'm doing to go do so.



Views on RP combat and injuries:

I think combat and especially injuries can help spice up an RP. Things will probably go smoother if both parties discuss an outcome beforehand.



Views on IC romance:

I'm up for anything. Just nothing OOC.



Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):

Would be interesting as long as it makes sense storywise.



Views on lore:

I try to stick with the lore and I read up on it as much as I can (my character has reasons for not having a tribal name) That said, I don't mind bending the lore a bit, as long as it's not stupid.



Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):

Tells to me are OOC, unless the RP goes private. For linkshells and FC channels, I go by whatever the rules are for each. Anything not colored white and isn't an emote is OOC.



III. Other Info 


Country: USA


Timezone: Central


Contact info: PM me on here.





[align=center][glow=blue]~Special announcements can be found in the posts below~[/glow][/align]


I'll post in this thread for any server changes or updates later on.

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