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LF RP partner as IC "employment"!


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I'm here assuming this is the correct place to post an ad like this. This isn't a linkshell or a free company, simply looking for a mutual partnership to advance character stories!


Firstly, a quick, general background! My character is Soren Blackwater, a 30 year old Midlander who, for the last 5 years, has tended to drift around from job to job. He has accumulated a decent amount of combat experience, however, he is no dragon-slayer or larger-than-life warrior. While possessing no magical skill, he's rounded in various weapons and generally slow to provoke. If possible, he will attempt to diffuse a situation bloodlessly with words, but is not afraid to draw a blade and face a fight. With that brief background...


Soren is looking to be employed as a sort of personal guard. I'd love to set up a little partnership with someone, as this is to advance Soren's story. I've got a fair bit fleshed out, a lot of turning points in his life that have led to who he is, and this is the next step. My thoughts, or intentions, is that he'd be guarding someone who isn't entirely capable of protecting themselves, keeping them out of danger and offering his advice and muscle. Soren isn't a gruff, thick-shelled mercenary so you could expect good traveling company!


:!:Now, because this is to advance his story I'm going to be rather picky about who I/he chooses to work for. In-character information:


This will entail Soren following you around when needed. He can accompany you to the more shady sections of Ul'dah, stand at your back and look intimidating if you wish to frequent some rough neck taverns, or be an armed escort if you wish to attend some fancy events. Also, Soren is not a slave or a "boy toy" and will not lower himself to more... demeaning tasks.


Soren is currently located in Limsa Lominsa. He has posted a few humble posters around the city and in the Adventurer's Guild letting his services be known. If you're interested, PM me here or in game and we can set up a time and date for an "interview". I'd much prefer if you are an experienced role player as well! Interviewees may be refused!


It's late and I'm tired, but I wanted to get this post done and out of the way. I may edit it tomorrow to be a little more concise and organized.

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