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Hello! [Behemoth/Gilgamesh]

Crimmera Vahn

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Hello, I'm A'nari Tao (on Behemoth) or Crimmera Vahn (on Gilgamesh)!


I am a WoW expat.  I also played GW2 off and on, as well as dabbled in GW, Aion, and Rift.  Really, though, I just played WoW but had grown increasingly disenfranchised with it ever since Activision took over.  I had trouble getting into other MMOs, but I am loving ARR!


As far as RP experience goes, I have played table-top RPGs since I was a kid, starting with AFF and then working my way up through Palladium, D&D, AD&D, White Wolf, etc... I always really enjoyed them but I never seem to get to play them anymore, which is how I got into MMOs.


I RPed a lot in WoW, but never got to do much RPing in other MMOs.  I look forward to learning how to RP in Eorzea!


My characters are still in their infancy as far as development goes.  I am still learning the lore and I have been spending more time just exploring the game and its mechanics then focusing on character development.  What I have put together thus far is this:


A'nari Tao is a seeker of the sun, primarily a pugilist.  I don't know much about where she's come from, but I do that she means well, is sweet and kind, but has a very bad temper.  I plan on integrating her conjurer skills as her IC attempt to find inner peace and master her temper, but it doesn't really help.


Crimmera Vahn is (was?) an alt I made to explore Gilgamesh prior to server transfers launching, but I am starting to take a shine to her.  Again, because I am still learning lore I am a little foggy on the details.  I do know she is a mercenary type, rough around the edges and a tomboy.  I am thinking of giving her a bit of a tragic background, but not one that'd have her brooding. She's a lancer, but I can see her branching out into archer, marauder, gladiator - any class of war, really. 


I found the RPC via Google when I started looking into FFXIV RP.


As for what type of RPer I aim to be, I would have to say light.  I only get to play on weekends due to work, often at strange hours like the early morning.  Since my game time is limited and I enjoy all aspects of the game, I find it hard to keep up with involved storylines, or people get impatient with me, so I try to focus on RPing in the moment, sort of like vignettes.


As far as IRL stuff goes, I am Canadian and in the Eastern time zone.  I typically play between 05:00 - 12:00 EST.  I'm in my 30s, work in telecommunications for a transportation company, and own two awesome cats - one of which I modeled A'nari Tao after (appearance wise).



So feel free to message me in-game, or on here, even just to chat OOC or about other FFXIV stuff!

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