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Hello! [Balmung]

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I'm Omen. Well Her_Omen, but just Omen will do (some people call me Her, and that just seems odd by itself). I've been a writer, role player, and MMO gamer for a few years now. I currently bounce between XIV and GW2 (HerOmen.8245; Tarnished Coast; Infenel). At one point in history I moderated Neoseeker.com's RP forum and created the Neo-Duelist League there (shameless plugging to get them some love I guess), and I write - independently - about games and anime.


My Balmung Characters are:


Nununi Nuni




Camellia Rosencraft


I plan to add a few more, maybe.


I don't honestly know what I am doing in the game, where to go for RP generally, or just plain don't get it at all. Well no, I do get how to play the game I just don't get what I'm doing most the time so I'm just zipping from quest to quest like a good little sheep (baa). Some friends would be nice, and hopefully people who can help me a little...maybe some type of direction on there where to go's for RP. Is there even any threads to give hints and tips about RPing? I dunno! I'm just rambling now because I'm nervous and trying to introduce myself to new people!


Gods, I'm so embarassed.



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Welcome to the RPC!


There is still discussion going on about choosing an RP hub of sorts, so that when people ask we have an answer. But I see small groups all around in game. If your not comfortable running up and joining in. I would recommend attending one of the open Roleplaying events or joining one of the link shells you may find interesting.


This is one of the more recent threads on finding and walking up and joining RP, there is a lot of good advice there.


At the top of the welcome forums there is a help thread by Xenedra, it has links to various Roleplaying Help threads on the RPC as well as instructions for various site features.


I jumped over to Neoseeker, and I am floored looking at the post numbers. I am quite surprised that I have some how managed to never hear of it before. On the anime note do you have a blog? *grins* I am a fan of all things anime and if I'm not on the forums here or in game, I am watching or reading about anime.


I play Torvhan Durant and K'mana Haaz hope to see you around.


Edit: Forgot to mention your avatar, I like it! Kenjiro was a hoot :D

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I don't have a blog just yet. I have to write out some plans, and submit them to an friend/editor for what I intend to do with my page as part of their writer's community thing that they are just starting up. I'm honestly thinking of steering away from anime and going into writing about MMOs, RPing, Books and Tabletop. Like focus a lot on things that are about story based gaming and RPGs and so on. I just need a name (because naming things is the hardest part). I really do enjoy anime however!


Adding these things~


My google+ :


My twitter : https://twitter.com/Her_Omen


My steam : Her_Omen (When you search it the name on the profile will be Stan From Accounting and Canadian, but that's all lies)


Skype : tigergomeow


And as a shy RP'er I'm almost nervous to just walk up and attempt RPing with random people I happen to see. If anything maybe I'll find a nice random spot to perch Nununi in from time to time and emote things hoping to fish up something!

Nice that there are a few small towns outside the bigger cities too. It will be fun exploring in this game and doing more on the road RP! I really miss that kind of RP given that GW2 seems to lack it a lot.


If anything, maybe I'll figure out how Linkshells work and join some RP focused ones.


And hello Lu! ^^ I understand a lot of people moved over to XIV from GW2, non?

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I was on GW2 since the first beta, ended up on Tarnished Coast too and started RPing there.  What was your characters name? 


The RP there was getting stale, with an overcrowding of humans and nobles and House guilds freakin' everywhere.


O' those silly House Guilds. I joined only two in my time: Gin and Tarquinus.




Infenel (main)

Lizette Schnee (secondary main)


Camellia Rosencraft

Alexander DuNois

Eira Weissenbelle

Christian Miliarto

Benny Allison



On another note: Thanks for the additional greetings! And I agree there can never be too many lalafel! Well I play each of my intended spellcasters as seperate races just to give them all a spin, but I really enjoy Lalafel the most, not sure I'll stray too much from the race as a main RP go to besides Hyur.

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