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Linkshell Question

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I've been hunting around and probably have overlooked what's right in front of my face, but is there a way to deactivate a Linkshell?


For example, I have my Linkshell with RL friends, I have an IC Linkshell, and I have the Coalition OOC Linkshell.


If I were in a RP and I wanted to deactivate Coalition OOC from showing in the text window (flood of text when discussions are going strong, for example) for the duration of RPing, can I do that, and if so, how?


Once I've got an IC guild/channel/etc, I frequently tend to turn off OOC channels since they can distract and break my ICness train of thought but I don't want to quit an OOC Linkshell that's enjoyable to chat in when not RPing if I can simply tell the game "Don't show me this one for a bit."

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