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Shadow Nigenasai (balmug)


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Name:Shadow Nigenasai

Race:Miqo'te-Keeper of the moon

Occupation:Order of the Twin adder's Soldier, Sword for hire

Home city:Gridania



Looks:Shadow is a brown skinned Miqo'te With brown hair,Red eyes, and black Tattoos on his face and a small scar. He is normally seen wearing black clothing and armor, or his Soldier uniform Which is green.



Personality : Shadow is normally blunt and serious like, he tends be a bit dark some may say, Always keeping a mysterious tone in his voice and actions. He can also do things that people would consider crazy or mean, though he has good reason why he do this. In first glance he can seem strict and antisocial, though he is a bit kind and helpful he try his best to hide it and keep a Dark, serious tone. Though somethings can make him uncomfortable and shy, like for example someone talking to him about relationships, would make him uneasy, but he able to coop with it. Shadow has no knowledge of his race, because he was raised by a Elezen, do to this he try to learn more about himself, even if it means getting his hands dirty. Even though he's a bit dark and cruel, his main goal is to Help others and protect his home.


(i think i did the Template wrong, don't know how to fix it)


[size=x-large][b]I. Basic Info[/b][/size] 


[*] [u][color=#800000]Characters:[/color][/u]Shadow Nigenasai

[*] [u][color=#800000]Primary character:[/color][/u]Shadow Nigenasai

[*] [u][color=#800000]Linkshells:[/color][/u]Tales of Hydaelyn

[*] [u][color=#800000]Primary RP linkshell:[/color][/u]ToH


[size=x-large][b]II. RP Style[/b][/size] 


[*] [u][color=#800000]Amount of RP (light, medium, heavy):[/color][/u]


[*] [u][color=#800000]Views on RP combat and injuries:[/color][/u]

Cool with it,as long as it not "Too" Gorey 

[*] [u][color=#800000]Views on IC romance:[/color][/u]

I am fine with most and all types of this,and even hope that someone may have
some romance with me, or something at lest.

[*] [u][color=#800000]Views on non-romantic RP (family ties, etc):[/color][/u]

Sadly, Shadow's backstory don't allow any other family members.

[*] [u][color=#800000]Views on lore:[/color][/u]

Like to stick to it as much as i can, though if you'r gonna break the forth wall
make it funny

[*] [u][color=#800000]Views on chat functions (/say, /linkshell, etc):[/color][/u]

I will RP on /say sometimes and even in linkshells at times as well


[size=x-large][b]III. Other Info[/b][/size] 


[*] [u][color=#800000]Country:[/color][/u]U.S.A

[*] [u][color=#800000]Timezone:[/color][/u]Don.t really know 

[*] [u][color=#800000]Contact info:[/color][/u]Email me at [email protected]


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