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Changing of the Guard

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Bloodwillow watched the lalafell drag a chair closer to her, getting up on it to make herself taller.


"So!  You're the one mother and father had watch my sister.  Hm ..."


The lalafell scrutinized the roegadyn before her, Bloodwillow standing still.


"Well, you seem capable enough.  But I've come to watch Lucy now.  You can go back to whatever you were doing before."


Bloodwillow frowned.  She had never been dismissed from her duties until they were over.  The lalafell noticed her expression and waved a tiny hand.


"You probabaly don't believe me, but that's fine.  I am Lita McStuffins, bard and explorer extraordinaire!  It's okay if you did not hear of me."


The lalafell pulled something from her bags and handed it to Bloodwillow.  The roegadyn looked down at it an nodded.


"I step down as her guardian."


Lita nodded, taking the object back.  "Not to worry.  I will make sure you are fully compensated for your services, Bloodwillow.  Lucy speaks highly of you."


The roegadyn nodded, hefting her axe.


"Take good care of her."


Turning, Bloodwillow heads off and back out into Eorzea.



Hey everyone!  I have found i was not enjoying Bloodwillow as much as I originally did, so thought to make a character more focused.  So meet Lita, Lucy's sister!  I will be deleting Bloodwillow in a short time, and changing the username in a few days to mirror the changes.


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