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Case File 002- The Case of the Mysterious Orbs [Closed]

Kima wolf

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Case File 002- The Case of the Mysterious Orbs


Kailisto stood there, in the middle of the sea, her feet stepped across the waves like it was freshly fallen snow on a plain. She looked up into the sky and searched for the moon, but it was nowhere to be found. The moon was gone tonight, hidden behind the thick envelope of clouds which blanketed the night sky and choked any light that the moon goddess blessed the world with. There was a strange breeze that blew through the sky as she stepped carefully through the water. No signs of land, no signs of anything living but her. Step after step she walked, for what seemed like an eternity across the barren and dead sea. Suddenly there was a tremble in the water and she froze in place and looked around but saw nothing.


âStrange...â she said and took another step. It was that step which submerged her into the sinking abyss. Her screams were cut off as the cold sea water entered her lungs. She grabbed her throat as she stared upwards and tried to claw her way back to the surface. She turned in place as again the water around her trembled. There was something in the distance with ominous yellow orbs for eyes and gleaming white teeth.


âNo...â she thought and turned around to try to swim, swim as far and as hard as she could to get away from that thing. But it seemed like no matter how hard she tried, how fast she moved through the water it kept gaining on her. The sharp teeth nipped at her tail now and she turned around just in time to see down the throat of the beast before its powerful jaws clamped down.




âNO!â she shouted and woke up in a code sweat with her hand gripping her chest and tears falling down her face. She got out the bed and looked out the small window of her room in the inn up to the Sun.


âThank the goddess... Just that dream again. Shake it off Kai, you have a lot to do tonight.â she said softly and climbed back into bed for the day.


On the outskirts of Gridania...


The sun had set and the moon had just began its journey across the sky. Kailisto carefully walked across the small clearing, eyes focused down on the blades of grass below. Her retainer, Clarisa, stood beside her with a lantern in one hand and Kailisto's cloak in the other.


âAnd The Lalafell said her mate was here, in this spot correct?â She said, not bothering to look back at Clarisa.


âYes ma'am. She said she saw a grouping of strange lights flickering and hovering overhead as she was making her way back through the forest to the site when she heard a scream that sent chills down her spine. She ran back and he was gone, no trace of him, no blood.â


Kailisto nodded as she continued to move slowly across the small clearing. She bent down and plucked a blade of grass from the ground and held it up to the lantern light. âWell, this looks like blood.â she said as she showed it to Clarisa who nodded in agreement.


âWhat do you think happened-â Clarisa was cut off by a howl, or a cry one couldn't really tell. Kailisto's eyes perked as she saw two orbs of light slowly appeared in the tree line and began to flicker in and out as they seemed to be getting closer. Kailisto stood almost entranced as her mind raced to figure out just what was going on.


âHmm... Interesting indeed...â

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