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Class Change Macros! Save yourself some time.

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If anyone is still switching things around "The Old Fashioned Way" by manually equipping weapons and stuff, here.


For example...if you want to switch to archer.


/equip main "Weathered Shortbow"

/eaction 2 "Refill"

/eaction 3 "Puncture"

/eaction 4 "Raging Strike"


That'll equip your bow and abilities.


To switch to a carpenter...


/equip main "Weathered Saw"

/equip sub "Bronze Claw Hammer"


That'll toss on your main and sub tools.


Substitute weapons and abilities for your classes as needed, just make sure you equip the weapons before the abilities or you won't have the proficiency to equip.

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Been using macros for switches since my brief time in the closed beta, and I can attest that they're a requirement of handling the interface. While there's a slight bit of lag here and there, it makes life so much easier. For that matter, the /eaction command is superior to the action menu in nearly every way.


Fair warning, however: the number of lines for a macro tops off at 10, which can get a bit limiting as your ability selection broadens.

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