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The exploration thread


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Now I don't know about you, but once I've got all my questing/levelling/crafting done, I find there's nothing quite like going exploring in the big wide game world. Some of my fondest memories from Vana'diel involving going to some far-off corner of the map 'just because'. It's like an adventure in itself!


So now that we have a whole new world to explore in Eorzea, this thread is for any and all neat, beautiful amazing or just plain weird stuff you find on your adventures.


I'll begin with this:

Having done my crafting and battleleves for the evening, I set off far north of Ul'dah, curious to see the 'Mor Dhana' area. I didn't quite manage to get there (I got close - running, wailing and screaming toward the zone line with a pack of rabid, high-level wolves at my heel), but I did find some interesting stuff on my travels.


Most notably, this:



It's in the middle of the 'Hidden Gorge' area of Thalanan. It's very intiguing. The wheels on the towers turn, and that wispy stuff coming out looks a lot like aetheryte. A farm, perhaps?


http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a296/ ... plore2.jpg

http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a296/ ... plore3.jpg


Unfortunately, my foray with my furry, ravenous friends found me respawning at the aetheryte in Camp Bluefog, the camp occupying the Hidden Gorge area. Immediately behind the camp is the huge, gaping, dark maw of a cave, no doubt full of untold horrors that surely could only be conjured forth from the most deranged and twisted of imaginations.


Naturally, I had to go in.


I found this little guy. Some kind of mutated mole. Isn't he neat?

http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a296/ ... cotuco.jpg


And what does any sane, self-respecting adventurer do when suddenly confronted with one of the most feared and deadly of monsters in the Final Fantasy franchise? Why, take hilarious pictures with it, of course!

http://i13.photobucket.com/albums/a296/ ... mbface.jpg


Phew. A productive day of adventuring!


Over to you.

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Ohhhh like the one with the towers allot, very strange and the mutant mole is just bad ass looking,


well I was on my way to see what was north of Gridania, or rather a way to Ul'Dah (yes found out it was to the south heh) but didn't know the way, so just headed that way,


when i got to the next zone and looked at the map, i saw the word Ishgard at the upper left corner and thought, ohh well why not go there so i did, making sure to avoid anything that look the slightest more dangerous than the squirrels that ran about along the road,





(yes they look very alike the Marmots that can be found around Gridania)


After a long run i came upon a Big Stone Bridge





after i passed it i saw some stone houses in the hill sides





and after another very long run i finally got to the Gate of Ishgard





and here is a Picture of Ishgard from afar, yes that gate from before was closed





looked at the map again and saw to the north west a keep of some sort and this is what i found there, it's completely empty.





here is some pics of the animals o meet along the way, especially like the black Ewe heh








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