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Five Things To Write About [Closed]


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I didn't know where to put this.. um... yeah, enjoy.


1. A Miqo'te Mannequin


  • It had been a long day. It had been too long in fact and coming home to see her sister fiddling about in the corner with something useless was not helping to improve her mood any.


"Oria? What's that?"


"Hm? This? It's a mannequin of a Miqo'te."


Aori shook her head, "Your observational skills are improving. Yes, I'm aware it's a mannequin but what is it doing here!?" She didn't mean to snap but Oria didn't seem in the least bit phased.


"Well.. um.. a ship came by this morning with a bunch of them and I overheard that they.." She was fidgetting, "Had some extras." Aori knew these not-so-subtle signs her sister displayed and that could only mean one thing.


"So you stole one."


"I didn't steal it! I'm temporarily borrowing it for an unspecificed amount of time."


Aori sighed and planted her hands firmly on her hips, there was only one way out of this. "You know, mannequins come alive at night to suck the souls of the living from their bodies. Not to mention it is a Miqo'te, you know.. they have fangs, probably to suck your blood."


Oria let out a terrified squeal as she jerked her hands away from the mannequin, "You carry it back! I don't want to touch it!"[/list:u]


2. Gone Fishing


  • It took a few moments for the whole strangeness of the situation to finally sink in for Oria. She had come down to the Fishing guild in hopes of finding some fresh fish for lunch but was only greeted by closed doors and a sign. The fishing guild had gone fishing.[/list:u]


3. At The Bismarck


  • It was going to be a wonderful day even though the breeze carried a bit of a chill on it it wouldn't last for long. She casually strolled along the deck casting a glance every so often as the sun began to rise up and over the horizon. It would be soon, she knew, the moment the sun had made it completely over the horizon and bathed Limsa Lominsa in its warm light her favorite guild would fling open its doors and begin the day.


They would work with an energy and vigor comparable to a burning blaze. The sun rose higher and she got a little hop in her step, speeding up as she came closer to her destination. Already she could smell and taste their cooking, see the flash of a fire in an oven, a pan sizzling.. Today was Firesday and she looked forward to it each week.. because today was free cookie day at The Bismarck.[/list:u]


4. The Dodo(s)


  • Oria paused mid-swing at a tree she had been chopping at when a dodo had suddenly waddled into view, planting itself on the other side of the tree. The two soulless eyes stared, drilling into her soul, from around the tree. It was creepy. The young woman blinked, once then twice, frozen in mid-swing as she patiently waited for the dodo to move. The dodo had no plans on making her job any easier. Oria slowly tilted her head and the dodo soon mimicked her actions.


She gave a huff and jerked her head back. The dodo snorted and did the same.


She wiggled her hips and the dodo wiggled its rear.


Oria had one last trick up her sleeve; she quirked a brow. The dodo fluffed and seemed to stare harder at her. The hyur gave a triumphant shout with a wide grin plastered on her face, "I won!" Her victory was short lived as a fire sparked in the dodo's once soulless eyes, it fluffed up and got to its feet inching forward to snap its beak angrily at her.


"Ack! Bad bird! Bad dodo!" Oria squealed and backed up, brandishing her axe in defense. "I am not giving you my eyebrows!"[/list:u]


5. The Octant at Night


  • There was only a few more bells until the sun would start to rise, she had to work fast. Oria gathered up the soap and dashed around the Octant, dumping them into each fountain of water before making a mad scramble to the nearest deck for her grand escape.[/list:u]
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