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The Fires of One's Soul. [Closed]


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The gentle hymn of prayers echoed throughout the caverns as the sun descended into its resting place until the morning, bathing the carved rock walls in a warm orange glow. The priests prayed that the lost spirits of the world be guided to rest, so that they may return to the fires from where they were born and scoured of all their sins within the flame. Finally being able to rest in peace.


I knew these hymns off by heart, having listened to them at this time of day every day since I was born. But I was not encouraged to join them myself as I was still very young and lacked the strength in voice as the elders. Their combined voices seemed to reverberate the very stone where we sat with their deep baritone.


As the sun finally sank beneath the mountains the only light remaining in the cavern were dozens of small conjured flames, each resting in the cupped hands of all the other Roegadyn present. These flames differed in colour, each one meant to reflect the soul of the one holding it. The one I conjured was a bright orange colour and it was something that I was praised for, as it mimicked the colour of the sun itself.


"I don't get why you do that all the time", a voice whispered next to me.


"The fire is a reflection of your soul, temper yourself and follow the twelve and yours too shall be bright and warm like mine", I replied, managing to keep the smugness I felt out of my voice.


"Yes, I know that, that's not what I meant though...", a slight annoyance had crept into the voice.


"What do you mean", I looked toward the source of the voice, a Roegadyn of the same age sat next to me. His flame a dark blue colour.


"I mean why have a colour like that for your soul...." as the Roegadyn whispered, his features started distorting into an evil grin, the blue flame that he had in his hands changed to cold black. The dark flame flared and suddenly the lights surrounding us vanished. Feeling fear seep in I quickly glanced around the room and realised that we were the last ones sitting in the chamber. The last light in the room was the one I held in my hands and even its bright orange flame was slowly fading.


I stared at the Roegadyn, unable to move or say anything.


"...when yours could be black...JUST LIKE MINE!"




A sharp pain shot through my side as my vision started to clear. I was lying upon a hard wooden floor that felt like it was shifting constantly, it also seemed like I've seen it before. I was vaguely aware of frantic movement in the dim light but was unable to raise my head to look around as there was a heavy weight pressing my neck down. As my senses started to return I also became aware of a raspy voice that seemed to be shouting directly into my ear. As I opened my mouth to speak a heavy iron boot came crashing down upon my head.


"Wake up!", the boot crashed down again on my skull that was still ringing from the previous and as I felt blood trickle down my face something finally clicked back into place. I was on board a pirate ship. The heavy weight upon my neck was a iron collar that kept me chained to the mast.


I was the 'Red Dog' of the Sea Serpents Bane. A large vessel that was a fearsome sight to any on the sea. Bristling with cannons and painted an angry red. Its namesake came from the skull of a gigantic leviathan that was attached to the ships bow.


I briskly got to my feet in order to avoid the third boot that slammed into the deck where my head was resting a moment before.


"Finally awake? I should toss you overboard ya piece of shite, d'ya know how long I was yellin' into ya ear for! We gots a raid a'comin'..", the captain of the vessel was a deceptively diminutive Hyur standing a head and a half shorter than the rest of his crew. An easy looking target, this changes when his enemies get close enough to notice his thick arms covered in scars of previous people who were initially deceived, only to be quickly overpowered.


Giving the chain attached to my collar a firm yank, the captain led me over to the railing and jerked a finger at a vessel not that far off. It's white sail standing out in the pitch black of night.

"Tis another pirate vessel, we're about t'teach them that these waters be ours. Kill any who board me ship and don't let me see a bit of hesitation or you'll be findin' yourself dragged along by a rope in these waters till we reach port...Remember you owe me.....and you know the drill..NOW BURN THEIR SAILS!"


I raised my hands and let the elements flow through me as I prepared set their sails alight. It was just another pirate ship. Full of people the same as my captain. Full of murderers....just like me.

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(subject to editing later if needed)


It was 10 years since I was taken aboard the Sea Serpant's Bane, having been found drifting on the remains of the boat I used to flee my homeland. The crew of the ship was composed entirely of Hyur, ones who still maintain a racial prejudice that has spanned decades. Dragging my near drowned self onto their deck and seeing what I was, they nearly threw me back into the churning sea. In my desperation at the time I lashed out with magic, producing nothing more than a sliver of flame, but that was enough for the captain to reconsider his judgement and see the use in keeping me alive.


So they took me below decks and let me recover, stating that I owed them for their kindness. To make sure I repay that dept, they fitted an iron collar around my neck. Complete with a heavy chain that they could latch onto the mast of the ship, or the captains own wrist if he wanted me personally. It was a dog's life. I was beaten and starved if I went against their commands, and rewarded if I did what they said.


"So how did it felt torchin' one of your own kind dog? haha! I mean their captain was a big freak just like you. Sometimes I can't tell the difference between them sea wolf types and you. You act all big but deep down your blood run's as red as mine", the crewman was practically in my face, I could feel the spittle as he spoke.


I looked toward the wreckage of the ship we had just attacked as it sank beneath the water. The Serpant's crew was already busy tying up those we had captured. They had fought bravely against a superior force.



During the battle their leader had been a large Seawolf Roegadyn wielding a gigantic axe. As the battle seemed almost over for them, he alone boarded our vessel and charged straight toward the upper deck, roaring like a beast straight out of the gates of hell. The crew that manned the deck attempted to surround him but were unable to even slow him down as stormed past them. He cut a swath straight to the upper deck where I waited, a single target in his sights. The captain's cabin.


I remembered the command and I stepped out to block his path. He swung his axe in an upward motion toward my torso. I quickly placed a shield of stone upon myself as I stepped straight into the blow, the earth now covering my skin took the brunt of the impact and gave me a chance to wrap my right arm around his weapon as I prepared a fire spell to use at point blank range.


Normally this tactic surprised most fighters but the Seawolf with a grin let go of his weapon and let sudden weight of the massive axe pull me down. The Roegadyn then charged and slammed into my torso, wrapped his arms around me and maintained his charge right into the railing on the side of the ship. Smoke from the battle below drifted up and filled my lungs, causing me to choke on any spell my desperate mind was forming. My eyes stung from the cloud and blocked my vision. My grip on his weapon slackened which he immediately yanked out of my hand and at the same time he kicked my legs out from under me.


He had me. I waited for release. I heard the swing, felt an impact and then the sound of my chain moving of its own accord...


"I didn't come for you Red, fighter though you are, there be no sport in killin' someone's pet"


I opened my eyes I found myself unable to move. The Seawolf's axe was now embedded in the railing and the shaft was now pushing me against the side. The chain of my collar was wrapped around both my arms and then the axe. Preventing me from moving.


The Roegadyn was now proceeding towards the cabin.


If he opened that door I would have failed. The chain around my neck felt larger and heavier with each step he took towards that cabin. I couldn't let him get there.


Gathering my senses I let my energy flow through into my arms. Feeling the stone that still encased it, I willed it released and forced it to focus on the blade that was embedded within the wood. The stones flew out and struck the blade with enough force to dislodge it. Now free I stood up and readied a fire spell.

The resulting noise from the stone hitting metal regained the focus of the Seawolf. The fireball had already left my hands and travelled what seemed like an eternity towards him. As we locked eyes, I was taken back for what filled his was not surprised or anger. It was pity.


The fireball struck him and the resulting blast threw him against the door, splintering the wood. He crumpled to the deck and remained there unmoving. I stood there dazed for several moments till the door opened and my captain stepped out. Glancing at the smouldering body with disgust he turned his attention to me and his face spread out into a broken smile.


"Good dog..."



My senses returned to the present.


"Oi! I'm talkin' to you dog!. Tell me what ya felt, tell me what it felt like to burn ya own filthy kind!", the crewman started to laugh. A hourse and vile sound that seemed to echo inside my very being. The spit from his mouth splattered across my face.


And all I could see was the pity in that Seawolf's eyes.


" What I felt huh...", I muttered.


"Eh? Wazzat?", the crewman, surprised at me speaking leaned in close.


My hand moved faster than I thought possible and I wrapped it around his neck. Horror filled his features as I tightened my grip and lifted him off the deck. He was a like a doll. I felt a fire in me that I hadn't felt in a long decade.


"Ow bout I show ya how I felt....By burning your eyes out reeeeeeal slow, let the fluid in them boil for a good minute. BEFORE I TOSS YOUR SORRY HIDE INTO THE DEEP TO COOL OFF", I roared. I felt the energies of fire flow through me and prepared to relish the moment that was soon to come.


The fire I felt inside turned cold and black.


All the memories from back then flooded into my mind. I let the crewman fall to the floor and I slumped down to the ground. Now free the man skittered across the deck away from me before standing up and shouting to the captain. The next thing I knew there were swords against my throat.


I was beaten for weeks.


The crew started to watch me closely since then. With fear in their eyes. I was chained to the mast more often and left out in the cold night. Away from the crew members below. I didn't mind. I was still in shock.


What I felt then is what exactly how I felt 10 years ago.


When I snuffed the life out of my best friend.

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"Feel the fire, let it flow up from your stomach and to your chest. Guide it through your arms...not too fast! we don't want it flying out and hitting someone. When you think you have a good feel, extend it out through your hands and gather it between them. Do NOT go that far if you don't feel ready".


I did as instructor Torag said and channelled the energy. I felt the warm energy flow up my being and into my fingertips. Not directing it anywhere the energy cycled around and back down only to repeat the process once again. I let this continue for several moments.


The feeling was remarkably different than casting a spell offensively. To do that one simply gathered enough aether of the element they wish to cast within themselves before releasing it in one explosive burst. This however was a continued channel, rather than a build up it was a flow, allowing the elemental aether to swirl its way around your body much like a river.


Taking a deep breath I extended the flow past my skin I let the aether manifest itself in the physical realm as fire which I held between my hands. It started small but as I opened the flow more the flame grew to a decent sized ball.


The room the class sat in grew brighter and warmer as the other trainees managed the same. We all sat in a circle surrounding the grizzled instructor who kept a critical eye on the proceedings.


"Right, now I want to see how long you can hold it. If you feel strained let the flow slowly return inside. Don't even bother looking at how the others are doing, this is all about you".


A sharp tap at the door almost broke my concentration. Torag swore under his breath for a moment before motioning with his hands for us to finish the exercise. Once all fire was extinguished he got to his feet, stormed through the door and slammed it shut behind him.


"Don't you know better than to interrupt this class you stupid git! could've had some poor sod burnt to death here!"


I heard a subdued reply and then complete silence for a few moments before the door opened once again to allow the instructors head to poke through.


"Something I need to deal with, you all sit there and don't do anything! if I see any scorch marks on the walls when I get back you'd better be halfway to Hells door before I find out cause I'll have worse in store...got it!", he growled before slamming the door again.


As the sounds of footsteps grew quiet the class finally broke their silence and the room was filled with the sound of chatter. I fell flat on my back on the cold stone floor and let the heat I felt seep out of me and into the rock.


"Wonder what happened?"


"Don't know, don't really care. I mean how many chances do we get a break from Torag", I replied, turning my head to raise a questioning eyebrow at the source of the question.


Vaegyr grinned at me from his own spot lying on the floor. "Ohoh, so is the sun gifted Thagyr all snuffed out of flame already? What a poor example you are making to the rest of us tsk tsk".


I spun on my back to try and punch him but he scooted out of reach.


"But seriously, Torag never skimps out on classes. And people do know better than to interrupt. Must've been something pretty bad", he said as he raised himself into a sitting position.


"Torag is one of the best conjurers we have, someone may have just broke a leg or something and there isn't another healer available". I busied myself studying the mural we had carved on the ceiling. A grand picture of Azeyma the Warden, hands spread wide in order to encompass the sun, which by magic glowed a soft orange color in order to provide the room with light. Her position is one we mimicked as we attempted to invoke the fire within ourselves in order to hold it within our hands much as she does in the picture. A small tribute to the Keeper of the Sun and a vital skill needed to be a part of the ceremonies throughout our little culture.


"Doesn't take a master to heal a leg, bet I could do it"


"You haven't even got your soul color in your fire yet, you need a bit more practice before fiddling with other people", I replied. Immediately as the words left my mouth I knew it'd regret it.


Vaegyr had one issue and that was his pride in the magical arts. Coming from a talented family of conjurers he constantly saw himself as some kind of future prodigy for our race. He worked hard at it and was quite good, but he had a competitive streak that grated on a lot of nerves...


"Maybe my soul is just too complicated, with someone like Torag breathing down my neck how could I even concentrate on manifesting it", he shot back at me and already he had raised his hands in the position and closed his eyes.


"Hey now don't be stupid, you know what he said about practicing without him near!", I hissed, trying not to alarm the other classmates.


My words fell on deaf ears as his hands already began to radiate a soft glow. The light had already alerted the rest of the room and those who were closest to us backed away frantically. First thing we were taught before even attempting this was the fire was as dangerous as any thrown by a conjurer.


Uncontrolled it killed just as easily.


The glow intensified and slivers of visible aether began to congeal in the centre of his palms and had already began to ascend to the centre between his outstretched hands. My mind raced attempting to think of a method to subdue him but the risk of him losing concentration was too dangerous.


"By the Twelve Vaegyr stop... before it gets too far... you might kill someone", I spoke as slow as I could, pleading.


"Heh, I have this", his face, one of triumph as the energies swirled into a ball of flame switch to annoyance as he took notice that it had no special color. His focus intensified as he pushed more energy into the ball and it grew quickly. Embers sprouted wildly out of its swirling form, threatening to burn anyone they touched.


The other classmates had already frantically scrambled for the door. But as they reached for it someone opened it from the other side. Torag stood framed in the passage for just a moment before he rushed to Vaegyr and placed one open palm upon his head.


Vaegyr looked confused for a second before his eyes widened.


"No I almost have it, I can feel it, NO!"


A bright flash forced me to shield my eyes and silence ensued.


As I opened my eyes slowly I took in the form of Torag sitting beside Vaegyr, now sprawled on the floor cradling his head. We were alone in the room, as the classmates had already left for fear of their lives.


Torag, a stern and unyielding teacher, looked surprisingly calm. It seemed eons before he spoke.


"You, have threatened the lives of not only yourself, but everyone else that was in this room. Of all my days I have not seen anyone so stupid, so inconsiderate for others wellbeing", he took a deep breath and sighed. "You are banned from classes, you are not to be taught by anyone, not even your closest friends or family. You are not to conjure anything within our walls. The elemental arts are forbidden to you"


He stood and walked over to me and yanked me to my feet. He led me to the hallway without even looking back. I glanced back at my friends form, which seemed almost frozen in its position, hands clutching his head and mouth opened but no sound coming out.


"Now lay there and think about what you did", Torag muttered as he closed the door behind him. As we walked quietly down the hallway the silence was broken by a scream of rage and anguish that reverberated through the rocky caverns.


As we exited the training areas Torag finally let go and demanded I explain what happened fully. He said I was wise not to have interfered when it went too far. Feeling for my friend I opened my mouth to ask why such a harsh punishment was imposed, but he simply shook his head and told me to go home.


Little did I know back then that my teacher saw something that I never did. Something that'd I would soon learn myself.

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