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lore and culture related inquiry


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I had a thought for my character, and having no clue about the culture of FF14 I thought I'd ask if this is out of bounds lore wise.


Is there a nobility to the Hyur people?


I was thinking of RPing my character as the third of four sons to a minor noble.....which makes him about as useful as a spoiler on a golf cart. It does however give him a decent reason for becoming an adventurer, to prove his worth.


Did I set off any red flags there?


Thank ya kindly.

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Well since Square is so into their races apart of their looks that the main thing about the midland Hyur we know is: They rely on early education in reading...


Guess making him the third son of a rich Ul'Dah merchant would accomplish the same thing. As the first one secures the buisness and the second one gets fame for the family the third is left behind.

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Nice, I think I could work with the merchant thing instead if need be.


And I'm even making it worse for the poor guy cause the youngest son would be considered the "precious baby", but alas he is number 3 of 4 which means he doesnt even get that distinction.


thanks for the feedback.

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Since there doesn't seem to be a clergy, second child would probably to the military, 3+ would probably just be boned, unless the kids can be used as viable bargain chips. Though with so many guilds, a father looking to rise in station would probably see to his kids being in as many as possible, and ensuring they rise through the ranks.

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Only instraments i've seen have ben one of those hand-held harp thingies.

And horns.


But that's just what I've seen in the cutscenes.

I would be surprised if they didn't have guitars or harmonicas. They've got guns and magic afterall.


small size harps and horns, I think harmonicas are within the realm of plausible belief then.

I was just zoning out listening to some old school blues tracks and suddenly it hit me, I could use some of this.

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Hmmm yes the lack of lore atm is driving me mad.Especially when trying to make a back story for characrte applications for HRP LS's.Story although it's one of the things about fantasy in general that I love it turns out I'm rubish at making my own.I've learned the hard way on WoW my talent revolves arount the finer details and plot generation story Well flag RSP usually = Height weight and a general physical description of my character.With a short explanation about any scars and I mean short.

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New question, same general idea.


Is there any known history or lore regarding the existance of Vampires or a similar creature?


I ask this not to be one myself, only that since his inception a decade ago one of the few character traits that Guyon Delsho keeps from form to form is a hatred of all vampires, a hatred not unlike the burning of a thousand suns.


It's a fun little nod to his original character that no one will ever know but me.

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That last one is a definite possible "we don't know yet." =s


As far as we can tell there have been no indications of vampires, and in the last game there were vampire bats, but as you can imagine they were more batty then vampire-y.


But that's also to say that we really really don't know about it.


...maybe if you get a Duskwight or Keeper of the Moon hungry enough? :Oa

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