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Letter to the Editor [Closed]


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The sun rose over Fisherman's Bottom in a glorious array of pinks and oranges. Fresh, salty and cold wind gently blew the sea's waves back and forth under the wooden walkways. In the distance a man was whistling a upbeat sea shanty from the deck of one of many of the ships anchored in the port. Avalon smiled brightly at the morning sun as she strode through the streets with a slight spring in her step. In right hand she held a thin white envelope with a white wax seal on one side and a name written in red ink on the other. This particular delivery was her first real job and she was determined to do it right! A sparkle shown in her green eyes as she thought how lucky she was to work for an employer who was so generous with her salary, even if it meant taking on a few extra responsibilities. Reaching up with her free hand she held tightly to the yellow beret that protected her lemon blonde hair from the breeze and nodded in greeting as she passed another girl who was holding a basket full of fish for the markets.


As she reached the Fisherman's Guild she stopped short and furrowed her brow in deep thought. Her employer had been unable to give her a physical description of the particular gentleman she was looking for, which she suddenly realized left her in a bit of a bind. Avalon looked down at the letter in her hand and read the name one more time - Tadir West. Apparently he was a newspaper editor but this seemed like a very odd place to find such a person. When she thought of an editor she pictured a short, aging man with a monocle, cigar and a green visor behind a desk full of papers shouting orders. Somehow she doubted someone like that could be found anywhere near the Vylbrand Sea.


Near the stone guild building a mithra with long white hair tucked under a straw fishing hat stood watching the end of her line as it bobbed up and down in the water. Plucking up her courage, Avalon stepped towards her, clearing her throat before she spoke, "Excuse me, do you know a Mister Tadir West?"


"Nope, sorry girly never heard of 'em." She shook her head as she spoke but didn't bother to look up from her task.


"Oh... well, thank you anyway." Avalon gave her a small smile which went unnoticed as she walked away.


Avalon wandered into the fisherman's guild and past a few people who were standing near the doorway. In the center of the room on the first level was a large pool of water with several fountains on the sides. For a moment she wondered if it had fish inside and she felt tempted to go take a peek, but decided not to let her curiosity get the the better of her. Off to her left was a large counter where three people stood to attend to visitors. I wonder if these people know who I'm looking for, she thought as she approached.


The Elezen man behind the counter wore the same straw hat all the fisherman seemed to don and a bright white tunic. He stood tall with his hands behind his back and as Avalon reached the counter he said, "I have here behind me a wide variety of goodly goodies waiting to be snatched up by he who comes bearing gloriously golden guild marks!"


"Umm... no thank you," Avalon shook her head as she held out the letter with the name face up, "Do you happen to know a Mister Tadir West, sir?"


The man nodded curtly and stated, "He comes in here often enough. Would you like me to deliver that to him?"


She mulled the suggestion over in her head a moment before tucking the letter into the pocket of her yellow robe, "No, I think I'd better deliver this myself. If you don't mind I'll just wait for him over there."


I hope I don't have to wait too long, Avalon thought as she casually meandered over to a large fish tank built into the back wall of the guild. She leaned over and watched the tiny creatures darting back and forth in their home. A strangely colored blue and purple fish that seemed to glow caught her attention. As she observed it and with a giggle she said, "You don't happen to be the elusive Mister Tadir West, are you?"

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"You don't happen to be the elusive Mister Tadir West, are you?" the girl asks the fish.




The fish looks up at the girl with big, bulbous eyes, then continues its' constant patrol of the tank. It notes without interest, for it is a fish and has no higher cognitive powers, the man leaning against the doorjamb at the entrance watching the girl watch the fish. Then it continues swimming and forgets that either of them exist. About a minute later the fish sees a girl watching him swim past. It then notices a...Food!


Tadir half waves to the Elezen behind the counter, then leans against the doorjamb and watches the girl ask the fish the question. With a smirk he shoves off from the doorway and walks over to stand behind the blonde girl.


He leans in and says softly, "I hear you're looking for me." Tadir smiles and waits for the girl to turn around.

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Avalon gasped and placed a hand across her racing heart as she quickly whirled around in surprise. She stood speechless for a moment as she looked over the man in front of her. He was fairly tall with brown hair, gray eyes, and an amused smile across his face. Although his clothes were well tailored they had a few patches of dirt and a few spots of ink here and there as testament to his writing. Suddenly she realized how silly her reaction had been and her cheeks began to turn pink as she fumbled for the letter in her pocket, "Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to uh- I have a letter for you, Mister West."


Still appearing a bit flustered, she pulled the letter out and looked down at it. Instantly she noticed it had become a wrinkled, bent mess in her pocket. She swiftly placed it against her knee and used the flat of her hand to try to straighten it out a bit before offering it up to him once more, "My employer asked me to deliver it to you personally this morning."

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Tadir smiles, watching the girl try to uncrinkle the letter on her knee. He reaches down and plucks it from her hands, saving it from her further ministrations. As he investigates the outside of the envelope he asks the girl,


"So what's your name?"


The Editor cracks the seal on the envelope with his thumb and slips the letter out. His amused smile is gradually replaced by a brow furrowed in confusion, then finally a frown of annoyance. He glances up at the girl with a frown of annoyed disbelief, then flicks through the following pages.


Rolling his eyes and tilting his head back, Tadir puffs up his cheeks and slowly blows the air out. He refolds the papers, places them in the envelope, then slips it into his back pocket. Rubbing his hand across his face, the Editor realizes the the girl hasn't answered him yet.


He puts on a smile, for her sake, and asks, "Your name? And who is this employer of yours? Illuminati isn't exactly a descriptive name."

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Avalon was about to answer the man's question when she noticed his expression change. She didn't know what was in the letter, but she hoped it wasn't something bad. Since she began her new job people usually seemed so cheerful and upbeat after doing business with her generous employer so his reaction seemed quite strange.


He turned his attention back towards her and his mannerisms returned to normal as he smiled once again, "Your name? And who is this employer of yours? Illuminati isn't exactly a descriptive name."


"Oh, I'm sorry. My name is Avalon and it's a pleasure to meet you, Mister West," She gave him a smile and a polite nod before continuing, "My employer insists their identity remain anonymous at this time so "Illuminati" is the only name you'll receive. Illuminati has also instructed me to deliver messages between the two of you and assist you with anything you need, expenses included. So, is there anything I can do for you, Mister West?"

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He nodded at her response, scratching his chin again.


"As a matter of fact there is. I need you to deliver a message to your employer. Please tell him that nothing goes in MY paper without my say so. And I won't put anything in from someone I haven't met. If he wants this," Tadir pulls the envelope from his pocket and waves it, "article in my paper he's going to have to come see me himself. I don't take kindly to the presumptuous tone he takes here. I'll read over the article tonight, but I need to meet this Illuminati."


He nods, slipping the paper back into his back pocket.


"Tell him to see me at his earliest convenience." Tadir's voice is dripping with sarcasm.

"But if it isn't soon then there is no chance his article is going into my paper."


Tadir folds his arms across his chest and looks at the girl.

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Avalon stood stunned with her eyes wide and mouth slightly open. She wasn't exactly sure what had happened and for a moment she thought to correct him on a few points. Closing her mouth again she considered her position before responding, "Very well, Mister West. My employer thought you might ask to arrange a meeting and would like to know exactly where and when, although they would like to remind you their identity will remain anonymous."

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"Very well. Tomorrow afternoon. Have him come to my office. We can work out the details in person, including the issue of his anonymity."


Tadir nods, then smiles at Avalon. "Sorry for the short tone there. I wasn't expecting a letter like this. It was a pleasure meeting you, though I wish it had been in different circumstances."


He gives her a polite nod of farewell, then turns to leave through the side exit.


"Have a wonderful day," he says as he walks out.

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"Very well. Tomorrow afternoon. Have him come to my office. We can work out the details in person, including the issue of his anonymity."


"I'll be sure to relay the message to Illuminati." Avalon made a mental note of the instructions then added,"I'm sorry the letter wasn't more pleasant."


Tadir nods, then smiles at Avalon. "Sorry for the short tone there. I wasn't expecting a letter like this. It was a pleasure meeting you, though I wish it had been in different circumstances."


"Agreed," she said as she returned the smile. Fumbling in her robes again she pulled out a brown book and turned to a particular page.


Article 6

1. No fraternization whatsoever will be tolerated while on company time.


She sighed inwardly and returned the book to her pocket, "Take care, Mister West!"


He gave her a polite nod farewell and left towards the side exit. Over his shoulder as he crossed the exit he added, "Have a wonderful day."


Turning back around she looked at the fish tank again and looked for the fish who had caught her attention before. It was swimming around the bottom near the rocks pulling at a few of the fake plants. With a wave she said, "That could have gone a bit better. All well, I guess my first job is mostly a success. Goodbye, Mister or Misses Fish!"

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