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The Kings speech

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  • 2 weeks later...

And this is what?


It explains nothing... literately.




You should of came, there was 100-200 role players attended this event. sorry you didn't make it.


and it explains the event time and area. 


Sorry you missed it. it was great. we have it recorded.


Another event is scheduled many are attending, please check the Gilgamesh events section.

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Three vague lines is a paltry excuse for any kind of explanation.


YT link?


I have to agree with Haven on this. 


There was no mention of a date given at all. The subject of this event was rather vague as well. From the looks, it appears that this event a FC event for Kingdom of Hydaelyn and also to help boost its rosters. I think a date and stating the ingame purpose would have filled in the gaps and was something I think should have been mentioned on the original post upon posting this event on a forum like this.


I have the YT link to the event right here here.

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